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  • It is greate, just what I expected. Works with all pages and plays nice with forms.
  • Simply Awesome!
  • perfect addon
  • Great color palette, but sometimes has weird functionality and/or doesn't always work. Examples: 1) on Facebook, with Owl enabled, Messenger is not functional (messenger window is hidden, and trying to access it from the list of contacts on the right causes the whole page to scroll down several screen-lengths). 2) very weird: some search terms disable the Owl extension on the Google homepage. Example: any search string with "pdf" returns the normal blazing-white Google search results page.

    Summary: good in a pinch, but very buggy.
  • Clicking on the icon doesn't do anything.
  • Adds a button to the toolbar, but clicking it doesn't do anything. Enabling "Enable Owl at startup " in Owl's settings doesn't help either, websites still bright.
    It seems you have encountered a bug. Could you please get in touch with your Firefox version, Owl version and platform information? You can contact me via http://sidhant.io/get-in-touch or mail me at dev@sidhant.io. I'd love to help you fix this. Thanks
  • Generally a good extension, but unfortunately not available for Firefox Beta on Android.
    Thanks for the review. The current state of WebExtensions doesn't Owl's complete functionality to be efficiently implemented on Firefox Beta for Android. I will surely keep an eye out for a possible port, but as of now, it doesn't seem to be possible.
  • Colors are perfect after enable to the extension. We can set enable/disable status separately each websites.
  • Unsure how to add websites to exclusion list, right click context menu shows no option. Please advise
    Hi, please try using Shift+Alt+X, or toggle the 'Disable on this site' from the owl drop-down in the address bar.
  • Toggle button and ability to include/exclude particular sites makes this a very user friendly add-on . I haven't noticed any slow down. Great piece of code. The selection of high contrast colors are perfect for people who are tired of burning images to their retina with white screens. Save your eyes for astronomy. Thanks for the good work.
  • Slows down rendering. (I'm using Firefox 57 Beta7)
    I assume it's the same with 56.
    Thanks for the review. It's strange for Owl to effect rendering by any means since it's supposed to be light and quick. Would it be possible for you to send me a more detailed description of the issue? I'd like to know if there are particular sites where you observe a slow down, your platform (Operation system) and Owl version. This information would help me fix this. You can get in touch via http://sidhant.io/get-in-touch or mail me at dev@sidhant.io. Thanks
  • Nowadays some websites offer dark mode, but most don't. That's why I have used reader mode a lot, and finally had to find an addon to fix rest of the too light backgrounds. This does everything it needs to do. Only thing that I didn't find easily was the website specific controls: right side of the address bar.
  • Finally the white flash when loading page is gone in firefox 57 so it now works better than ever.
    This addon is essential when browsing after dark and looks way better than global CSS styles, though I still prefer dedicated styles for most frequently visited sites.
    The only complaint I would have is that embedded yt videos are in negative when switched to fullscreen. This doesn't happen when watching directly on youtube site though.
  • I was unable to find a way to white-list sites because I didn't noticed little owl icon in address bar.... Stupid me. This addon is officially absolute best for night owls like myself. Works amazingly well - I was looking for something like that for a long time, using multiple addons to fix look on various sites, struggling and bloating my Firefox. No need for that anymore. AND it will also work with upcoming FF57 which is great. Thanks a LOT tk! Amazing job! I will donate little something as soon as my paycheck comes and you all should!
  • This addons works almost perfectly, nearly everywhere. It almost makes it unnecessary to use dark Stylus styles.

    Sometimes it weirdly and unnecessarily inverses the colors of images, but usually this just integrates seamlessly into the rest of the darkness.

    This addon is like a dream come true. 10/10.
  • I really like the addon so far, it does a very nice job of actually displaying webpage elements properly. Many dark themes make websites unusable if they have complicated formatting.

    The only thing, and this is minor, is that it kind of looks like I have...um...hooters on my address bar. Any specific reason for the interesting design choice? It would be nice if I could switch out the icon or hide it.
  • Use this frequently in Firefox to relieve eyestrain. Please port to SeaMonkey!
  • You are the master of disaster, mister! This one is masterpiece.
  • cool!
  • My last review had said about a problem however that was caused by it being disabled on a website.

    However I wish I could still get the menu to popup from the icon (only turns it on and off T_T) instead of having to use the menu icon that is in the search bar. As the search bar icon does not show up if the plugin has been disabled on a website.
    Thanks for using Owl. I understand the recent design change isn't the best interface for Owl and that the previous UI was a lot more intuitive. Unfortunately, I was forced to change the design because the newer Firefox API (Webextensions) doesn't allow for custom drop-down buttons (like the one in v1.x). I'll try my best to look for a workaround for this, as many users (myself included) miss the old interface, but till that happens we'd have to work with this one :)
    Thanks again for reviewing
  • I tried many extensions to dark/invert websites, but OWL has worked excellent for me. I really like the way it handles inverted colors. Love the quick toggles to activate/deactivate. The best!
    A couple suggestions: Maybe you could add a keyboard shortcut to toggle whitelist on sites automatically. Also, IDK if it's possible to exclude images from being inverted, or make it work on the Firefox pages, but it'd be very nice. Thanks!

    EDIT: It breaks Particle for YouTube (Youtube+) addon, specifically the floating player :(
  • EDIT, This issue has now been fixed, thankyou :)

    I read on another review that you are going to fix this "update popup" soon, its extremely annoying loading up links to FF but instead of seeing the page I want I get the same Owl update tab shoved in my face, please fix!
    Thanks for using Owl. Something went wrong at the last moment when I was pushing the update that messed up the addon. A hotfix update has been uploaded to Mozilla for review and should be available soon. I understand that the repetitive popup is annoying, and it will go away with the hotfix.
  • Great job Owl! Love it.
  • I'm not quick to say the new version is extremely better than classic, but they have their pros and cons. Overall, I love that this makes websites darker and easier on my eyes.

    I also do not like the white flash, but chrome addons like deluminate have this as well, so I'm not complaining much. I kind of wish it changed scrollbars to be darker.