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  • Works really well!
  • Like user 36c61a, I've also been using Owl for over a year now, and I really like it.
    ButI I have the same problem as him/her. Settings are not implemented properly, often Owl will not use classic theme even though it is activated, it still inverts colours on videos on certain sites and the Owl icon in the url bar disappears on some sites (like reddit, youtube, etc.)
    This extension always had frequent updates, but in the last months nothing. A new update with some fixes would be great! Best regards
  • It works but it inverts video in fullscreen mode
  • No so bad. Need to do less dark color for background, for instance, a gray, because don't visible a lot of detailes
  • I have been using owl for a few years now. I some fairly severe visual problems, to the point where if I didn't have this extension, I wouldn't be able to consistently use a computer. So I definitely really like this extension, but after upgrading to firefox 58, I have had some problems.

    After upgrading to firefox 58, it seems that owl is ignoring the settings for which sites I have enabled the classic theme and for which sites I have disabled owl. Looking at my settings, the settings page for owl in fact indicates that owl is disabled on page "x", but when I go to page "x" owl will not be disabled. Same thing happens for the classic theme settings.

    I am not sure why this is happening. Perhaps firefox 58 changed something in the web extensions api?

    I really enjoy this extension and would like to see it return to how things were before firefox 58. Please let me know if you need any information from me to help debug this issue. Thank you.

    Also, as a side issue, ever since the web extensions version of owl, I no longer have the settings panel, just a button that toggles owl on and off? Was the panel removed?
    Thanks for using Owl for such a long time. I imagine you are one of the first few users when I initially published this extension. The WebExtensions API has certainly brought some changes has caused a few thing to break here and there. First, the Owl panel had to be moved to the URL bar since the new API doesn't allow both drop-down and clickable add-on buttons. I tried to find a way to bring back the old interface but couldn't. As for the settings being ignored issue, does refreshing the webpage help? It is observed that Owl fails in first attempt but works when the page refreshes. I'm currently working to fix this. In case you find any more issues or would like to make more suggestions, please feel free to get in touch at owl@sidhant.io or open an issue on Github (https://github.com/CptFoobar/Owl/issues).
  • Revolutionary. Works always on.

    many had tried and failed before; Not this little hero.
  • very good addon !
    but It can't work on firefox nightly(59.0a1)
  • dark theme but not too much change the text color
  • I love the perfect design of this application!! It does turn black the white backgrounds reducing the horrible strain that causes white light, but the images and letters keep their format so well I'm impressed. Everything reads and looks perfect, thank you so much.
  • Works as advertised! Simply hit one button, and inverts the color scheme from white to black. Very easy on my eyes.
  • This does work well, however, depending on some websites, it would invert colors on HTML5 videos and YouTube videos on fullscreen mode.
  • Very great extension but it seems on some pages there is a bug.

    Like https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/media-apps/mediabuttons.html

    When i turn on Owl, a Survey dialog from that site appears and when i turn off own it would hide!!

    Please check it, other than that everything is fine, thanks.
  • Works super well, just as good as Dark Reader for chrome and way better than light text, dark background. I just wish it was available for Firefox android!
  • It's the best darkening plugin I've used. Only minor things like floating windows become static (ex: https://fonts.google.com)... Overall, the best.
  • I find this very useful. There are only a couple of fixes I would like to see in the future:
    1) In Facebook, with Owl enabled, the small Messenger window is rendered useless because it doesn't stay in place. The top Facebook bar also doesn't stay in place. And it is impossible to go to the top of the page with keyboard commands -- only by scrolling up with the mouse.
    2) In Youtube, with Owl enabled, videos are somewhat choppy. In fullscreen, or with Owl disabled, they run smoothly.
    I hope these problems are fixed, so that Owl becomes even better. Thank you.
  • Pretty good extension overall! For those that can't figure out how to disable for specific sites. The button is in the url bar, at the very end after the bookmark star. Works flawlessly in nearly every site I've tried so far. Sometimes images are inverted so I just disable it on those sites. It also breaks fixed overlays for websites. In other words sidebars and things that scroll with the page. Examples I've noticed so far are moving sidebars on tumblr and youtube extensions that provide a view of the video when scrolling down to the comments. Google Inbox is also really laggy when set to dark mode. I've also noticed that when clicking on a shortcut for a website from within another extension, like Notifier for Gmail, the website defaults to dark mode even if you have it set to disable Owl for that website. In other words if I click 'open gmail' in 'Notifier for Gmail' it comes up dark even though I have it disabled. This is particularly terrible because it lags and locks up Inbox. Another thing that would make this better is a mobile version for Android! Otherwise great work. This is still the best dark mode extension even with its problems.