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  • Simplesmente incrível!
  • THE best dark mode addon for firefox. Please make it available for android too..
  • I've tried several "invert colors" add-ons, but this Owl addon seems to really work! I love it.
  • Works brilliantly. Love the dark UI this provides on GitHub
  • Interesting
  • Thanks for the update! I heavily use this extension. Definitely would suggest it to dark-theme fans and the shortcuts are nice
  • As of the time of writing this review, any page that is whitelisted and opened in a new tab (out of view), the whitelisting is ignored and the page is inverted...

    Night Mode Pro extension does everything owl does, but better! So I changed...
  • not bad
  • Darkens all the colours, respecting the original ones, not inverting them. Thanks!
  • Owl is brilliant at rendering webpages with a dark theme.
    I can only give three stars though as I'm experiencing massive slow downs in page loads for sites such as google.co.uk to the point where I nearly went back to Chrome thinking that Firefox Quantum was a bit buggy.
    I noticed the slow down after the latest update to Firefox (59.0.1) but I'd also just added the google site to Owls list to darken.
    Disabling Owl sped things up again as did removing Google from the list Owl darkens.
    So I'm going to try using a mix of Owl and Stylish for making the web shady
  • Looks great on any well-designed page and my eyes hurt less. ;)
    Great job! Thanks!
  • Owl is an eye-saver. It does an excellent job of making pages less tiring to look at.

    One can only turn the brightness down so much. I am one who prefers dark backgrounds and themes in general because the white backgrounds with black text just burn the heck out of my eyes.

    I have had no issues with this add-on/extension whatsoever and I have been using it for a long time.
  • I love owl. I am 70 and white is too bright for me anymore. The problem is with sites pop ups that pop up blocker does not block, whites out the screen so you have to turn off owl to turn off pop up window then re apply owl, which is a pain. popup blocker should work in tandem with owl. Am I missing something?
  • This extension is great but sadly it doesn't work on Firefox Nightly.
  • Works really well!
  • Like user 36c61a, I've also been using Owl for over a year now, and I really like it.
    ButI I have the same problem as him/her. Settings are not implemented properly, often Owl will not use classic theme even though it is activated, it still inverts colours on videos on certain sites and the Owl icon in the url bar disappears on some sites (like reddit, youtube, etc.)
    This extension always had frequent updates, but in the last months nothing. A new update with some fixes would be great! Best regards