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  • I'm terribly disappointed. It looks promising, but I cannot add any sites to the whitelist, etc, page. All I can do is turn it off on those pages, which is hardly optimal.

    This add-on does not work.
  • Too much permissions for a browser theme!
  • Great app but really need to fix medias getting inverted colors (youtube videos, photos in messenger etc.)
  • This is the best dark mode extension and works so beautifully with every site, I have tried a lot and seems like all of them had more or less some issues but this is perfection.
    This extension saves your eyes from the stress it gets. Kudos to the team.

    Do you think you will ever release a chrome extension for owl
  • לא עובד על לינוקס, יש לי פיירפוקס גירסת 55.0.2 וזה לא עובד.
    כלומר זה מתקין אבל משנה את התצורה לברירת המחדל, כאילו אין ערכת נושא חדשה.

    ניסיתי ללחוץ על "נטרל" ואז "הפעל" שוב וזה עדיין לא עבד.
    Not working on Linux, I have Firefox version 55.0.2 and it does not work.
    This means that it installs but as like there is no new theme.

    I tried to click "Disable" and then "Run" again and it still did not work.
  • This is the best, For those who are having trouble to customize which websites should be white listed, just search for the directory C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\something.default-147XXXX31-1XXXX6\browser-extension-data > @owl-comfortable-reading-addon
    Then you just edit storage.js
  • it keeps on disabling itself. I can't edit the lists.
  • Can an extension change it's icon in the toolbar on the fly?

    If so, it would be very nice if the ICON changed when OWL is enabled (so I tell what made the screen all black!)
  • Pretty good, but the enable/disable is to coarse for me. I use Gmail and Tasks canvas and they should have different settings although both in mail.google.com domain.
  • The extension works as intended. My only problem is that it seems to disregard my exclusion list every time I open a new browser window, especially on YouTube. I have to disable it entirely for it to stop changing my YouTube page. When I check my list of exclusions, I see YouTube is there, but it still changes the colors.
  • Works really well.
  • good addon,
    but pdf dark mode doesn't work anymore (on linux)
    and somtimes dark mode sites are light grey by accident, (a page reload fixes it)
  • This is awesome for someone who is light sensitive or gets light induced migraines. The only problem I've run into so far is that it doesn't interact perfectly with FB. A few things get obscured or the page goes back to what you had been looking a previously, but FB is notoriously difficult to work with.
  • This plugin works so-so. It is quite handy on many sites, but on others it fails miserably. Owl provides an option to self-disable on certain sites. Too bad that it does not comply! Especially if one backtracks onto a owl-disabled page, the experience is horrible: one is forced to re-switch owl off time and again.
    In summary: very good & useful idea, but shaky implementation.
    Room for improvement!
  • I think I testes all similar add-ons that are available for Firefox and this one is definitely the best in my opinion. You have one button for global activation/deactivation and a distinct button in the address bar for the current website. Sure, you don't have as many customization options as other add-ons, but if the default settings are appealing, you don't need to change them with numerous options.
  • I must be missing something as the website white list is not editable that I can see. So perhaps set up a tutorial or tell me how to enable this feature as I have some websites I don't want your extension working it's inversion magic on. Other than that nice little plugin here. Also the menu is not there when I click or right click on the own icon, I just get remove or customize, the usual menu bar configuration options you get for the bar itself but nothing for the plugin. Thanks!