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  • This is the best, For those who are having trouble to customize which websites should be white listed, just search for the directory C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\something.default-147XXXX31-1XXXX6\browser-extension-data > @owl-comfortable-reading-addon
    Then you just edit storage.js
  • it keeps on disabling itself. I can't edit the lists.
  • how do you add websites to whitelist??
  • Pretty good, but the enable/disable is to coarse for me. I use Gmail and Tasks canvas and they should have different settings although both in mail.google.com domain.
  • The extension works as intended. My only problem is that it seems to disregard my exclusion list every time I open a new browser window, especially on YouTube. I have to disable it entirely for it to stop changing my YouTube page. When I check my list of exclusions, I see YouTube is there, but it still changes the colors.
  • Works really well.
  • good addon,
    but pdf dark mode doesn't work anymore (on linux)
    and somtimes dark mode sites are light grey by accident, (a page reload fixes it)
  • This is awesome for someone who is light sensitive or gets light induced migraines. The only problem I've run into so far is that it doesn't interact perfectly with FB. A few things get obscured or the page goes back to what you had been looking a previously, but FB is notoriously difficult to work with.
  • This plugin works so-so. It is quite handy on many sites, but on others it fails miserably. Owl provides an option to self-disable on certain sites. Too bad that it does not comply! Especially if one backtracks onto a owl-disabled page, the experience is horrible: one is forced to re-switch owl off time and again.
    In summary: very good & useful idea, but shaky implementation.
    Room for improvement!
  • I think I testes all similar add-ons that are available for Firefox and this one is definitely the best in my opinion. You have one button for global activation/deactivation and a distinct button in the address bar for the current website. Sure, you don't have as many customization options as other add-ons, but if the default settings are appealing, you don't need to change them with numerous options.
  • I must be missing something as the website white list is not editable that I can see. So perhaps set up a tutorial or tell me how to enable this feature as I have some websites I don't want your extension working it's inversion magic on. Other than that nice little plugin here. Also the menu is not there when I click or right click on the own icon, I just get remove or customize, the usual menu bar configuration options you get for the bar itself but nothing for the plugin. Thanks!
  • Simplesmente incrível!
  • THE best dark mode addon for firefox. Please make it available for android too..
  • I've tried several "invert colors" add-ons, but this Owl addon seems to really work! I love it.
  • Works brilliantly. Love the dark UI this provides on GitHub
  • Interesting
  • Thanks for the update! I heavily use this extension. Definitely would suggest it to dark-theme fans and the shortcuts are nice
  • As of the time of writing this review, any page that is whitelisted and opened in a new tab (out of view), the whitelisting is ignored and the page is inverted...

    Night Mode Pro extension does everything owl does, but better! So I changed...