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Version 197.4 KiB Virker med Firefox 17.0 og nyere

  • Fixed - MS Internet Explorer
  • Updated - Opera, Opera mini and Opera mobile
  • Updated and Renamed - Mobile > Android > Default Browser
  • Added - Mobile > Android > Chrome
  • Added - Mobile > Android > Firefox
  • Added - Mobile > Firefox OS

Version 195.6 KiB Virker med Firefox 17.0 og nyere

After new version of Firefox is need to restart it to change the global User-Agent in Javascript environment, therefore Override User Agent now change the User-Agent of the current domain, avoiding the restart beyond practicality of you change only the User-Agent in the site development (eg. localhost) and continue browsing normally.

  • Improvement - Changes in the User-Agent affect only the specific domain
  • Added - Remove preferences when uninstall
  • Added - Option 'Reset all changes', that allows you to clear all changes of User-Agent made previously.
  • Updated - iPad, iPod e iPhone string to iOS6
  • Updated - Windows Phone string to Windows Phone 8
  • Added - BlackBerry 9900 string
  • Compatibility with Firefox 17+

Version 140.3 KiB Virker med Firefox 12.0 og nyere

  • Added option 'Custom' - Allows to use a custom User-Agent
  • Fixed User-Agent of all 'Internet Explorer' - Removed all 'feature tokens'
  • Improvements in code
  • Compatibility with Firefox 16 +

Version 153.5 KiB Virker med Firefox 10.0 og nyere

  • added Symbian^3
  • removed S40
  • name changes