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Just installed Firefox 42 on Windows 10 Home. It has your add-on along with Forecast Fox .. for some reason, the Zoom Magnifier is now part of the Forecast Fox toolbar and I can not seperate it. It was working fine in Firefox 39, not sure which Firefox broke it or if the issue is with No Squint or Forecast Fox or the lack of normal Classic Themes in Windows 10 .. Please see if this can be resolved.

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Firefox Developer Edition 43.0a2 Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

I love this extension very much, and it is one of the bests, but it stop working in Firefox Developer Edition 43.0a2 (2015-10-03).
Full and Text zoom are not working.
Reset Level is not working.
Site Settings is not working.
Color option are not working.

Work only Ctrl+Mousewheel

Default settings are a pain Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

But works because it forces you to go and tweak everything to your liking.

Very feature rich, insta 5 stars!

unsupported buggy addon Bedømmelse: 3 ud af 5 stjerner

Exception list does not work.

Seriously, this addon hasn't been updated for 2 years. We need a new one...

Exceptions work, they just aren't what you think they are


Exceptions allow you to override NoSquint's logic to determine which URLs should be grouped together to share the same settings. Normally this is by domain name, but you can create an exception to override that. By way of example, consider,, which NoSquint normally treats as separate sites with separate settings. Exceptions provide a mechanism to group these together to share settings.

The capability you were looking for with Exceptions unfortunately doesn't exist. I understand the importance of the use-case, and it's a gap, to be sure.

must-have on high-DPI devices Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

Having one zoom level for all websites just doesn't cut it on high-DPI Windows PCs. I'm constantly having to zoom in/out on content to make it readable - nosquint is a lifesaver here!

Minor bug: current zoom level in the toolbar button isn't updated until page is refreshed

Nearly Perfect Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

Works great except for one lacking feature.

NoSquint does not work to show Zoom Level or allow the use of the Magnifier button when a local Image File is loaded into Firefox.

Best Part of Firefox Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

I remember the reason I abandoned Internet Explorer in 1999 was because of its limited number of text-zoom settings. Maybe the vastly improved "infinite" Full-Zoom and Text-Zoom settings for Firefox are a Mozilla invention, but NoSquint makes them so convenient by remembering Global and per-site settings. It's certainly nice to re-visit a website and not have to adjust any zooms, because the Full-Zoom and Text-Zoom settings are already just right.

If anyone needs a quick explanation -- adjusting the Full Zoom magnifies the whole webpage propertionally. Everything gets bigger or smaller, but nothing gets rearranged, including that word-wrapping doesn't change on any text. If there was no horizontal scroll bar to begin with, a horizontal scroll bar might pop up if enough Full-Zooming is dialed in.

Adjusting the Text Zoom isn't supposed to change the size of the webpage or any fields or columns. It's only supposed to affect the size of the text, so it will change word-wrapping. But Text Zooming isn't perfect; if the Text Zoom is increased enough, the text might bleed outside the field that's supposed to contain it. The "bleeding" problem may cause troublesome "double-exposure" effects as text from one frame occupies the same space as text from another frame. Or if there is a row of menu items at the top of a webpage, increasing the Text Zoom might cause the end of the row to wrap and spill over onto a 2nd line that didn't even exist at a lower Text Zoom setting. Or depending on the webpage, the end of the row might simply disappear. Or there might be other unruly behaviors. One needs to remember that if something isn't right on a webpage, reducing the Text Zoom to 100% will probably make some missing content re-appear that had gotten lost at a higher Text Zoom level, or a lower Text Zoom might make a weird double-exposure effect go away, if it should rear its ugly head, etc.

Fortunately, as far as unruliness goes, Text Zooming does not cause most websites to exhibit terrible problems. Many seem to be designed for our zooming, as if they intended to make a special welcome to Firefox users. The few websites that become complete messes with Text Zooming were probably written long, long ago, in a version of HTML far, far away. Most webpages will necessarily change the arrangement of their frames a bit, but if you need the text larger so you can read comfortably, then a little rearrangement of the fields and frames is generally not a problem.

The power of NoSquint is that it saves your Full Zoom and Text Zoom settings for each domain that you visit. So, you can return to a website days or weeks later, and your personal preset zoom settings will automatically display the webpages as you previously adjusted them, because NoSquint automatically saved your settings.

In addition to NoSquint saving your settings for each individual website that you visited, it also has Global settings, which act as default settings for websites that you never visited before. For instance, on my 1920x1080 monitor, most webpages have large empty spaces on their left and right sides at 100% Full Zoom. Maybe most webpages were written for 1024-wide monitors? But, by setting the "Global" Full Zoom to 145%, opening webpages on previously un-visited domains will tend to fill the monitor right away, maximizing the utilization of its real estate and providing some magnification of the text. When I land on previously un-visited websites, I like to do further tweaking beyond the Global setting, either to increase Full Zoom to maximize the filling of the monitor or perhaps reduce the Full Zoom to eliminate the horizontal scroll bar for that particular site, and then tweak the Text Zoom, too, for comfortable reading. And NoSquint will remember the tweaks for that individual domain.

And then, when you go back to that particular domain again, your display will be automatically, perfectly tweaked, although you can always tweak some more if you're compulsive.

You can see what percentages the NoSquint zooms are set to for the particular webpage/website you're looking at. The percentages are displayed on the Add-on bar at the bottom of the window. Toggle the Add-on bar on-and-off by hitting "Ctrl-/" (Control-slash). The website's NoSquint settings are shown on the left side of the bar, next to the magnifying glass. (If the text-zoom is set to 100%, then only the full-zoom setting is displayed.)

If you click on the NoSquint setting readout in the Add-on bar, it opens a small NoSquint window where you can access and adjust the Global Full- and Text-Zoom settings, which are the default settings that any new website will be displayed with. On my 1920x1080 monitor, I like Global settings of 145% Full Zoom and 140% Text Zoom.

When viewing a webpage, the individual website's full-zoom can be tweaked by holding down the Ctrl key and hitting the + or - keys, or Ctrl and spinning the mouse wheel.
When viewing a webpage, the individual website's text-zoom can be tweaked by holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys and hitting the + or - keys, or Ctrl and Shift and spinning the mouse wheel.

It's so easy to hit Ctrl or Ctrl-Shift and spin the mouse wheel for instant eye-comfort.

I like to begin tweaking by filling the width of the monitor with webpage-content by using the Full-Zoom, and then adjusting the Text-Zoom for a comfortable text size. Therefore, it's not really necessary to have the zoom percentages displayed before adjusting them, so the Add-on bar doesn't necessarily have to be displayed.

An interesting exception is this addons-reviews webpage. There's no content except one column of text. I could use NoSquint to spread the text over the whole width of the monitor, but it makes for more comfortable reading if a plain column of text takes up no more than 1/2 the width of the 27" monitor. Again, that's an easy spin of the wheel for changing the Full Zoom setting, and the text column shrinks to a comfortable width. If it takes a whole lot of wheel-spinning to shrink that column and your finger is starting to get tired, you can always switch to holding down the "-" key instead of wheeling. That will also shrink the text size, so do another spin to increase Text Zoom without affecting the column's width.

NoSquint can also replace and vary websites' text-colors, background colors, and disable background images, globally and for individual websites. They're not functions that I've used except for having played with 'em a couple of times.

There are checkboxes for disabling the mouse-wheel zooming so you'll have to use the keyboard, and for disabling the Add-on bar readout, I guess so you don't get obsessed with watching what percent zooms you're at. I cleared the checkbox for the Add-on bar display and clicked OK, but the NoSquint readout didn't go away. That's not a problem for me, but it makes me wonder if maybe I don't know how to use a checkbox.

NoSquint also adds a checkbox to Firefox's "History" options. (Tools > Options > Privacy > History) You can set Firefox to erase saved NoSquint settings when Firefox closes, but I never wanted to do that, 'cuz that would ruin most of the benefit.

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Has a bug remembering zoom values per site. I tried it on facebook.. and its apps
seems to lump app windows with the global domain of rather then e.g. I set apps to be 40 percent but it changes its also for the main facebook chat window and the font is too small to read.

when that is fit I give it higher rating

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Working good. Thank you. Recommended

Использую всегда Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

У меня в ОС увеличены размеры текста и элементов на 125%, в этом аддоне выставил 80% элементы и 120% текст - и всё хорошо, изображения не мутные, текст читабельный. Жаль что с включенным e10s масштабирование пока не работает, но это баг Firefox.

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Thank you, and keep improving it where possible!

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SUPER !!!!!

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Used for a few months and decided nosquint is more trouble than it's worth.
Nosquint really needs a quick on/off toggle switch for web pages where nosquint background colors hides important icons/links/text.
Switched to the simple extension "Toggle Document Colors". Lets you toggle between colors of your choice and system colors (firefox options) and "Letting the web page choose colors". Quick toggle when background color hides icons/links/text.
One other shortcomming is the background/forground colors are limited to the color choices in firefox options. Which goes from white #FFFFFF to a dark gray #CCCCCC. You can not type in a value (i.e. lighter gray #E8E8E8) unless you go into about.config (more headache than its worth).
No problems with nosquint zoom features, but there are better zoom extensions with more features.

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Used to work really well now I use it and if I switch tabs the default zoom of 100% is reset back. I even tried to set the default zoom to 130% which is good for my old eyes and it didn't do anything so not sure what's going on. If there is a fix for this then please someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. back when FF had a status bar seemed to work fine but since the FF redesign for some reason the add on doesn't seem to hold. :-(

Simply the Best Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

NoSquint is the most important addon for me. It has unique features among all similar addons for all browsers (tried a few years ago). These features make me strong Firefox fan.
Small suggestion: add control over other font properties, such as shadows.

A Firefox Essential Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Very few things truly warrant the word "perfect" in their evaluation; IMHO, NoSquint is one of the few that does.

Indeed, I've considered it an essential add-on to Firefox ever since discovering it several years ago (and install it on every computer I work on).

Thank you, Jason Tackaberry!

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A much needed tool.