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  • Ain't Add-Ons wonderful! For months, nay, years I have slowly been closing tabs created by previewing from Dreamweaver until one day I thought "there is probably an add-on". And there is. Well done!
  • Being able to select a whole group that I just opened by shift-clicking on the first & last (it selects all in between) is perfect. You can also select or de-select individual ones by ctrl-clicking. The context menu for this add-on only appears when multiple are selected, but my other add on (Tab Mix Plus) shows its context menu otherwise. It's perfect.
  • Great addon, very useful. Love it especially because it works very well with Tree Style Tabs, which is my favorite addon.

    Feature suggesion:** When copying URIs *with* page titles, add blank lines between successive entries. Makes it much, much more readable. This will take next to no time to implement, but will allow people like me to do reduce their addons by one (Send Tab URLs which copies URLs in a formatted manner, can then be removed. It also numbers the entries, but that's not nearly as useful as the blank lines thing)

    [**Wow, I wrote the above and realized you have provided a way to edit the format of URI copying. Awesome. Still probably, what I suggested above should be the default format for "URI with page title" option. But great job allowing customizable formatting!!]

    A few minor bugs I noticed:

    1) "Close Selected Trees" doesn't work.
    (Not a big issue since tree style tabs allows closing of entire trees, even if only individually. However, I also cannot remove this item from the menu even when I unselect it in the options.
    2) A couple of other customization/options menu related issues:
    a) "Pin as app tab" is still visible in the tab selection menu even after unselecting it in the options.
    b) Selecting a custom formatting option in the Copy menu works correctly, but on opening the options page again, the preference is shown incorrectly selected as the first option ("select from menu") [even though the actual functionality seems to continue to work correctly]

    Contact me at himanshu2004 <<>> gmail . com if at all you need help reproducing these bugs.

    Hope you fix these issues, and continue to maintain this addon. Thanks for the great work!
  • Wow - it really slowed my PC down - had to delete. 2 stars for great idea.
  • It's a very good extension. The only little pity is when you duplicate a tab, the new one is blue ...
  • After installing this addon, my URL bar replaced the / with a green -> arrow until I hovered over it which I don't want and I can't find an option to change this.
  • Will you support language localization?
  • Excellent addon. But I think it would be good to have an option to keep FF4 app tabs open when you use the "Close Left Tabs" command.
  • This is a great add-on. However, it is missing on e very important function. Namely, that in the configuration you can choose to have the "+" tab on the left, next to the last tab, or on the right. However, there is no option to have it in multiple places at once!

    It is really annoying, because I want the new tab "+" button to appear on BOTH the left AND after the last tab, but currently there is no option for that. You have to have it in one or the other, but cannot have both.

    Can this be added in the next version?
  • Давно хотел себе такую штуку промутить
  • With this addon,handling multiple tabs now become easy.Thanks for this addon!!!
  • i want to see it in Firefox 4.0b12 ASAP
  • I use it in conjunction with 'Faviconize tab' and it works very well!

    Perhaps the only function I miss is 'reload similar tabs' option, but I can made it selecting tabs I want and choosing 'Reload selected'.
    Jo el faig servir juntament amb el 'Faviconize tab' i funciona molt bé!

    Potser l'única funció que li trobo a faltar és una opció per recarregar totes les pestanyes similars a la seleccionada.
    En comptes d'això el que faig és seleccionar les pestanyes que m'interessa recarregar i agafo l'opció 'Recarregar seleccionades'.
  • 使用方便,工作良好 :-)
  • Because the tabs in Firefox resize when a tab is closed, it can take ages to close lots of tabs. Close Right Tabs solves that problem for me. I look forward to exploring the other features.
  • i wonder why is this feature missing originaly
    just installing it, works perfectly 4 me
  • i really like Multiple Tab Handler. and wondering whether you would be able to make it possible to drag tabs not only to say Firefox Library Bookmarks, but to drag and drop to an Outlook email as a set of links, or to notepad as a set of links, or especially to a Windows folder as a set of shortcuts (.url files)? that woudl be amazing! or are there extensions out there that already do these things?
  • well i dunno what happened to what i wrote but basically was this:
    despite integration (by either party) for *tab groups manger and multiple select reload, there is ye to be support for multiple select, move to other group, and multiple stop reload ?

    from there, it was all gushing praise ^_- (ie. i like it, i like it, i like it Heaps~~)

    thank you fore reading and sorry to bother you =D
  • Yes, Tab Mix Plus has many features which makes it superior but it has a very critical missing part: you can not bookmark the selected tabs. This is an important missing feature which makes Multiple Tab Handler more superior for me.
  • Great Add-on! I can finally align my tabs perfectly and neat...
  • Good Addon - Thank you. Only drawback I can make is when we click on close tab button in firefox normally we can change our decision to close it by dragging the tab . I too much used to this ability in firefox and use it a lot but I lost the ability after installing multible tab handler. May be it is not a wide problem but perhaps be fixed?

  • Duplicate Tabs option not working in Ubuntu 10.04 Firefox 4.0 Beta 1. It just opens a blank tab. Otherwise works well.
  • Saving many tabs to disk, all at once, works fine for me. A great timesaver for my project. And I love seeing that the program is only 63KB, a breath of fresh air these days. Thanks!
  • Que tal, tuve que regresar a la versión 0.5.2009, pues la más actual no funciona, ni siquiera en una instalación nueva, con sólo este complemento, nos vemos...
  • Muy buen complemento, pero por alguna rezón dejo de funcionar, me marca el siguiente error:

    Error de lectura XML: error al procesar una referencia a entidad externa
    Ubicación: chrome: //multipletab /content /config .xul
    Número de línea 8, columna 1:%mainDTD;
    Ojalá me puedas decir porque...