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  • Great add on. Updating the extension with the link below to 0.7.2014050101 fixed my problem of Close Selected Tabs not working. Would be great if could select multiple tabs and use the Send to other Group feature of TabGroups Manager
  • Has been serving me for a long time now. The feature I use most is select tabs to split on another window for a secons screen or merger. I also use it a lot to drag an rearrange the tabs. Oh and select 10 tabs and make them into a bookmarks folder is just priceless.

    Anyway good job :D

    PS: "Close Selected Tabs" Not Working after Upgrading to Firefox 29
    That's not true for me, it works perfectly, Australis or not.
  • You can find newer versions at http://piro.sakura.ne.jp/xul/_multipletab.html.en#history .
  • This is a temporary issue, I hope - will delete after fix.
    This is a great add-on.

    5/6 Still not working. Curiously, 'close other tabs' work fine.
    5/7 Working after downloading latest version from link on this board: 0.7.2014050101

    Thanks for information.
    But why is this not updated automatically?
  • This should be native functionality. Thank you!
  • Exactly the type of extension I was looking for
  • Why native FF tab context menu is not integrated?
    I use for example MTH with TabGroups Manager add-on. TGM add-on is also not integrated. Can it be fixed in near future?
    Anyway thanks for great job.
  • Add a menu item for toggle selection. If we want to invert the selection (deselect the currently selected tabs and select the others that are unselected)
  • Guys, your work is perfect, and adding the option of choosing multiple tabs (Not all tabs) to either close or bookmark would make it even better.
  • Please add an option to move selected tabs to another existent windows, who has already other tabs.
  • The feature "Bookmark selected tabs to new folder" is broken in Firefox 26.
  • Been using it since 6 years. Works great!
  • It works great, but the latest version now asks for confirmation when closing tabs to the right. It never used to do this.
  • Thx for the great addon! but doesn't work in FF25, at least close similar tabs functionality.
  • This is one of the best extensions I have ever used. It allows a terrific amount of flexibility for navigating, moving, and closing tabs. Excellent!
  • I love this add-on. I thought that it causes a bug in the close tab button. When the button is pressed but the mouse is then moved away the button should become unclicked and the tab should not close when the mouse button is released. Instead the tab closes regardless of mouse position once the mouse button is released.However. See developer's reply below. This is intentional functionality and can be turned off. Great Add-on! Thanks.
    It is a feature of MTH, "close multiple tabs by dragging over closeboxes". To change the delay to start selecting, go to "about:config" and change the value of "extensions.multipletab.tabdrag.close.delay". For example, 1000 means "1 second".
  • (Last edited August 8 2013)

    Excellent add-on, one of my most favorite. I have wanted this exact functionality for a long time and never knew where to find it.. the ability to Ctrl+ and Shift+click to select tabs like I can files and text (in notepad++). So, thank you very much. Now I very regularly am not afraid to continue a stream of tabs that don't belong in the current window, because I can just select them all and drag them off of the tab bar to turn them into a new window, which I then name via a FireTitle binding.

    First, I would like the 'Advanced > Implicitly select current tab' option to be expanded. I'd like it to be split into two options: one for Ctrl select and one for Shift select.

    Second: As it is, with this option turned off, your first shift click sets the 'anchor' end and subsequent clicks without releasing shift define and then redefine the second end. When this option is on, the current tab is the 'anchor' end by default, and any clicks set the second end. What I'd like is for the current tab to already be selected as the second, re-definable end, then as usual the first click sets the first end and subsequent clicks redefine the second end.

    Third: I'd like a little format customization for both the selected tabs and the anchored tab, instead of just the ugly blue rectangle. And the tabs themselves should change format when selected, not the text background and not the space between and behind the tabs, which is how it seems to work now. (The narrow spaces in the curved corners of the tabs, between and above the tabs, and a small rectangle around the text in the center turn blue, but that's it unless the tab is transparent, in which case it's all a rectangle.)

    Edit Fourth: Oh oh I forgot the most important thing. I would really like keyboard cut/copy/paste right after tab selection. Then instead of having both windows ready, you could just cut, alt-tab over, and paste them onto the end of the tab bar (or right click to paste them between other tabs). :3

    Edit Fifth: And.. an 'invert selection' context option, that both selects unselected tabs in the same window, and unselects selected ones.

    EEdit SIXTH: Okay.. and, when I select tabs that aren't loaded and drag them off of the bar so that they move to a new window, they 1) load, 2) the new window is created and activated, and 3) they never actually move to it. It would be nice if they were moved to the new window fast and left unloaded.

    edit 7..: You really should change the description from "Provides feature to close multiple tabs." It does so much more than that. Maybe something like, "Select and manipulate several tabs at once."

    #8: I have decided that under "Action for dragging of tabs", "Select tabs" and "Switch tabs dynamically" are both incredibly useful features, and I have a hard time choosing just one. So if we had the option of either 1) assigning a modifier key combination (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) to one of them along with the "Move tabs by dragging within (###) msec." to the other, or 2) a different modifier combo to each, we could use both features.
  • Please check your EMAIL:
    piro . outsider . reflex @ gmail . com
    I sent [Traditional Chinese] Translation

    Please support Firefox 20 :)
  • I don't know if this is the right place for a feature request, but i don't know where else to go.

    I'm using this addon with tree style tab. Often i have a lot of tabs open that i want to save as maff archives. However, multiple tab handler only has menu options for saving multiple tabs in one big archive, or to save them as separate html files. I would like to save them in separate maff archives (for example, i select 10 tabs and i want to save them as 10 separate maff files). That would make this addon feature complete for me, because it's very time consuming to save the tabs one by one (sometimes over 100 tabs).
  • an essential extension for FF!
  • Superb add-on for anyone who is used to opening many tabs in a single session. Indispensable. Use with Tree Style Tabs and you'll be hooked. Then you can close off Trees.

    Great productivity add-on.

    I ran it on Windows 7, now on Linux Mint 14. Well maintained, 0 problems.
  • I am using Multiple Tab Handler for a very long time now, but from FF 16 on there is window after I selected "close all other tabs" which asks me to confirm that I really want to close all other tabs.

    Can you please fit an additional option to disable this annoying window?
  • This extension is perfect! I always end up opening a bunch of tabs in a single window and want to split it in to two windows, and this extensions handles this task with ease! Thank you!
  • Would it be possible to allow for bookmarking the selecting tabs to an existing folder, not just a new folder? This would be ideal for my use of this addon.
  • nice addon
    can you allow tab coloring?
    not just placing color on tab, but instead, to be able to color the tab that I want. and only that tab. for 6 to 10 tabs?
    costum coloring