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  • In FF45, when this addon is active I cannot access to About:customizing (neither by writing it nor through the menu options) and some buttons dissapear (eg Evernote web clipper)
  • It was just working with Firefox 31, but on 45 it's not possible to move any tab. Turning addon off helps... Can you have a look at it please?
  • I need to press close button twice to close ff. Multiple Tab Handler is single installed plugin and removing it fixes the issue.

    OS win7,64bit - FF 45,32bit
  • Combine this with Tab Groups and - assuming you use these extensions properly - the only practical limit to the number of tabs you can keep track of simultaneously is your computer's memory capacity.

    The only thing I don't like so far is the way of denoting tab selection - a light blue, semi-rectangular box over the tab seems somewhat ugly to me.
  • Excellent, now that add/edit bookmark dialog is working again for Firefox Dev/Nightly. Thanks, piroor for applying my patch for that! An indispensable extension I wouldn't want to use Firefox without.
  • Using Firefox 42.0. Updated to MTH 0.8.2015111101 yesterday. It has been a great addon in the past. Don't know why Mozilla doesn't include this functionality without an add-on. But now when I try to save multiple tabs to a new folder all I get is a empty dialog box that does not let me enter a folder name and when I click OK nothing is saved.
  • Thanks for the useful add-on! IMHO it would benefit users more, if it has "Move to Existing Window" feature. Many users browse separate web topics at once in dedicated browser windows. Sorting Tabs between open Windows would be a lot easier and faster with such feature, especially before Saving select subject Windows to individual Sessions with popular "Session Manager" add-on. Without this feature one needs to reposition and expose each browser window on desktop before dragging Tabs into it, and its cumbersome, slow and messy to achieve on a cluttered with other apps desktop.
  • This has been a great extension, but I had to revert to an earlier version after updating to 0.8.2015111101. The "Select Similar Tabs" didn't work. I went back to 0.8.2015030601.1. I'm using Firefox 40.0.3
  • Works perfectly fine in 42 release. That GDev3 guy must be out of his mind giving it 1 star for 'breaking' dev edition and nightlies?! Plus, it looks like he's a writer not a reader. Piro posted his site address for reporting bugs, yet he posts it here. And to do this at least twice for the same ext.?!?
    I use it to move groups of tabs to different windows and have no problems doing that. So, it works fine, thanks, Piro!
  • 1. Close Similar Tabs not working now!
    2. Make session restoring feature not work in Firefox 44.0a2!
  • Really like this add-on but it does not seem to be working in Firefox Developer Edition (Aurora) 44.0a2 released today. Bookmarks toolbar doesn't show bookmarks and it is not possible to open the menu in the upper right corner (3 horizontal lines icon)
  • I've been using this for years ... has practically every handy thing I could want in a tab handler ... from saving to folder, to saving files of tabs ...
    ...to giving me a list of the URLs of tabs (which, unfortunately is broken when pasting into Evernote -- problem with a recent Evernote update)...

    ...but, like someone told ya in July, when it didn't work on the dev version of 41 ... closing similar tabs with Firefox v41 DOES NOT WORK ...

    If it weren't for that I would give you 5 stars (I really should give you 3, since you were told about the problem a few months' back ...

    Thanks for this otherwise awesome extension!
  • Works great so far
  • Excellent Extension. Very useful. Please keep updating it.
  • I don't want to give an inaccurate review, so am asking for some help or guidance.

    I chose this extension as I wanted to be able to select multiple tabs and, for example, move them to a new firefox window.

    This works fine if a new window is already open. Right-click move to new window works perfectly, even if new window is not open.

    However, I thought that I would be able to drag a group of tabs to the desktop and that a new window would open for them. This doesn't work though. It only opens/moves the one with the focus.

    Also, the automatic pop-up window only works with one tab. If you select, say, 3 tabs, after clicking the 3rd tab, no auto pop-up windows appears.

    Any advice?

    I am using this with tab mix plus but have turned off CTRL and SHIFT click actions in TMP, to avoid conflicts.

    I'm using FF 38.0.5.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  • Tab function request:

    Select any number of open single-image-page tabs and - in tab context menu - autosave each selected tab's image to browser's default download directory (and then close the selected tabs). This would be a fast and handy way to save images from multiples of opened image pages. I know of no other add-on which does this - not even the multi-tasking "tab mix plus" (and the "save images" add-on only works on current tab).

    Thanks for this add-on.
  • It is really useful add. I just do not understand why it wants me to confirm to close tabs to the right and close other tabs but it is not necessary to confirm closing all tabs and tabs to the left. The confirm window is quite annoying :(
  • I think you should add a "add new tab to this tree" to the tab context menu.
  • Useful and works great with Tree Style Tab (another outstanding add-on of this author).
    Thank you!
  • Thank you for this great addon!
    Feature request:
    When duplicating tabs I would like to have the duplicated tabs appear after the selected ones, not after the last tab. Thank you.
  • Firefox 33.0.2 did not auto update extension to 0.8.2014102201. Update MTH and "Close all tabs" and Ctrl+click to extend tab selection will work again. See version notes.
  • Gorgeous, but does not work in version 33! Please correct!
  • Y the hell is this not already part of Firefox? Isn't it obvious?? OF COURSE we want 2 B able 2 select multiple tabs & manage them this way, like files on a drive.
  • This is a nice extension and it generally works as it's supposed to work (Firefox 30.0). It selects multiple tabs and I can close them at the same time. However, I found that it could benefit from certain improvements:

    * It would be really convenient if Ctrl-W closed all selected tabs (in case you selected multiple tabs. If no tabs are selected, ctrl-W closes the current tab as usual)

    * Custom styling option for selected tabs. I found that it's really hard to distinguish between selected and unselected tabs on my particular system (linux, KDE, Classic Theme Restorer,and an uncommon system color scheme), which is why such option would be useful.
  • I used this wonderfull addon for several months, and I was delighted with it.
    When I upgraded to FF29 , it stopped working (doesn't work on 29.01 neither)...do you know the reason or will be a fix avail soon?