BUGGY - MEMORY HOG Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner

My initial rating for this add-on was 5 stars as it appeared to be the perfect companion to the BAR-TAB add-on (you'll hate yourself for not installing BAR-TAB). The problem, this add-on HAS A BIG STINKING MEMORY LEAK WHICH CONTINUES TO GOBBLE MEMORY CONSTANTLY (I figure that this extension loads the tabs at first load, then reloads them, and NEVER STOPS RELOADING). How do I know this, I am an "extreme Firefox user" using only 26 tabs at the moment and while "LOAD TABS PROGRESSIVELY" was active I was losing 20 MB of memory per second (averaging at 580 MB at the moment with 780 MB in virtual memory). Without "LOAD TABS PROGRESSIVELY" in play I am having memory cleared at a rate of 5 MB per second (which is still horrible given that only 3 tabs are non-greyed using BAR-TAB). With BAR-TAB and 589 tabs open (not kidding you, I tend to get distracted and bored quicky on interesting websites) I would have a session of about 30 minutes before the memory-choke-lag would force me to restart Firefox. Uninstalling "LOAD TABS PROGRESSIVELY" has helped considerably.