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Hvorfor blev Link Checker lavet?

I've been working for an e-commerce company and recently while spending time with one of my SEO colleagues I noticed that to check whether our link still exists on our link partner's website or not and also to ensure that it is not marked nofollow, she was going through the following steps.
1. Open the page where she needs to check the link.
2. Right-click on it.
3. Select "view-source" from the right-click menu.
4. In the view-source window, press Ctrl+F to find.
5. Write name of our website or some other word in url.
6. Check carefully if it's a dofollow link or nofollow link.

So I promised her to create something to help her. Here I'm.. with this add-on. She can now find all the links with only ONE click.

Hvad kommer som det næste for Link Checker

1. To let the user choose the highlight color for both nofollow and dofollow links.
2. To let the user choose whether he/she wants to make it work on individual tabs or on all the tabs with one click.

Of course, you guys' suggestions and feedbacks will be considered as priority in every update. So, I'd be glad if you write a review or a mail to me at VikramJoshi.IIT@googlemail.com with your suggestions and feedbacks.

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Navn ViJo
Hjemmeside http://www.workkafe.com/
Bruger siden January 27, 2009
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