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  • i like it!

  • the best add-on i have ever seen....!

  • I LOVE thunder storms/w lightning! wish it had sound effects!

  • Yeah¡¡ te power of the ligthing

  • Моя любимая )))

  • i like this very much and instal it yes

  • Excellent but WARNING: Not for people with Epilepsy or those who are Photic or Light Sensitive! The Flashing of the lightning bolt itself may cause seizures and/or headaches. For others unaffected by this. AWESOME!

  • Wow,echt krass

  • Excellent, great job!!

  • отличные обои

  • Обои классные причем яркие и не надоедают 8-9 твердых балов!

  • Отличные обои! На обоих компах поставил. И менять желания ни разу не возникло!

  • Nice job on this one and wish there were more like it out there. Hope to see more in future. Thanks

  • Really nice for the first few days but when I tried to change to something else the Lightning Overload would stay on instead of switching even after I deleted it.

  • This ".gif" is great. I hope we'll get more like that!

  • Defo My favourite

  • i like this...very nice


  • .

    Опупенная тема, помогающая своей динамикой,

    снимая нагрузку на глаза, тем кто живёт перед

    монитором... Просто иногда, через 10-20 минут

    в течении 2-3 секунд, сфокусируйте взгляд на

    разряды молнии! Приколись!!!

    The useful subject matter helping by dynamics, removing a load on eyes, that who lives in front of the monitor... Simply sometimes, in 10-20 minutes in current of 2-3 seconds, focus a sight at categories of a lightning! Check This Up!!!


  • constantly flashing screen? No thank you.

  • As a true weather fan and mozilla firefox fan, this is a great combination!

  • I find this persona very cool but ultimately very distracting.

  • I love this thing. The lightning so beautiful

  • the design is full of personality and wonderful....that's why I like it..

  • This persona is very,very,very awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!