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Version 0.29.1-signed.1-signed 182.9 KiB Virker med Firefox 19.0 - 56.*

Fixed the issue caused by FF retiring faviconService

Version 0.28.1-signed.1-signed 182.9 KiB Virker med Firefox 19.0 - 22.*

No code change. Repacked with SDK 1.14 to make addon work for FF22

Version 0.27.1-signed.1-signed 180.2 KiB Virker med Firefox 18.0 - 21.*

No code change, just updated the addon with SDK 1.13.2 to suit newer browser versions as AMO requested.

Version 0.26.1-signed.1-signed 162.0 KiB Virker med Firefox 14.0 - 19.*

No code change at all. Repacked with SDK1.9 to get rid of annoying warnings in Error Console due to outdated SDK used by the previous Img2Ico version.

Version 0.25.1-signed.1-signed 156.8 KiB Virker med Firefox 9.0 - 16.*

Very important update:
1. Now packed with Addon SDK 1.6.1, which is leaner and does not have the memory leaks of Addon SDK 1.0, which I had to use to pack the previous version of I2I.
2. To make I2I work with SDK 1.6.1, a lot of code was changed. And now everything works well.
3. Fixed a bug for viewing site's favicon (didn't work for iframes before).

Version 0.24.1-signed.1-signed 165.0 KiB Virker med Firefox 4.0b7 - 13.*

Version 0.22.1-signed.1-signed 269.3 KiB Virker med Firefox 4.0b7 - 11.*

This release is same as 0.2 but is necessary to override Jetpack's auto-SDK-update feature (which introduced a bug).

Version 170.9 KiB Virker med Firefox 4.0b7 - 9.*

Version 0.2.sdk.1.0.1-signed.1-signed 254.3 KiB Virker med Firefox 4.0b7 - 9.*

Version 0.2.1-signed.1-signed 258.8 KiB Virker med Firefox 4.0b7 - 9.*

Added ability to deal with images in image-only tabs. This in effect allowed image->icon conversion for all local images, background images etc.

Version 0.1.1-signed.1-signed 250.4 KiB Virker med Firefox 4.0b7 - 6.0a1