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Jitto P.Jose

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Hvorfor blev HitWicket lavet?

I am a cricket fan and I live in a country where people carrying the spirit of cricket in each drop of their blood. But I couldn't find an effective cross platform widget that keep me updated with the latest cricket score while I am in office. That led to the development of HitWicket - a fork of Scorewatch. When I found more and more people considering it as a part of their life, I stated looking into it seriously. I added several features, beautiful UI and custom themes that were not in Scorewatch and optimized code for better performance. HitWicket has got the highest download rate among all the cricket related addons in Mozilla.

Hvad kommer som det næste for HitWicket

A feature which allows users to navigate to the full scorecard right from the wicket alert is planning for the next major release. Thanks for your support.

Om udvikleren

Information om udvikleren
Navn Jitto P.Jose
Sted India
Stilling Software Engineer
Hjemmeside http://www.hallowdemon.net/
Bruger siden February 6, 2009
Antal udviklede tilføjelser 1 tilføjelse
Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse af udviklerens tilføjelser Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner