I just don't understand! Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Here is what I don't understand (please explain): I get behind the ideas that you're talking about. But if it is not using an auto-updated list from some web sites, then I assume that any list that it is using is manually updated. So if I have this addon installed and it is at v1.0 and it has been at v1.0 for some time now, then how is my list getting updated? Or, if this list is somehow built in to the program, which is what I think you are saying, then (either way) how am I staying updated? I'm not saying that I'm not, nor that yours is a bad way to do it (or I would not have installed it). I am just asking to please explain to me how it is being accomplished and thank you in advance for doing so! :)