Gr8 job! Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

I'm really liking the fixes you've made to the addon.
I must agree that a built in list is the most effective means of use. Through this, one could add their own code to redirect more sites in the future WITHOUT updates in case something happened to the addon here, it could resume somewhere else with minimal changes to the code.

Any chance of you doing this with the Chrome version as well? I'd like to have a fixed chrome version so I could use it to redirect even some unseized (but big target) domains like ThePirateBay & Demonoid directly to their IPs so no DNS is really needed, but I can still type in the normal website name.

Also, I mocked you up a quick icon/logo thingy:


Hey FrostyC

I'm currently working on a new version of this addon, but it's not as easy as I'd hoped. I also have two other projects that uses all my time - but my summer holidays starts soon ( = more time!).
When this works as I want it to work (e.g. easy editable list in GUI + No HTTP request sent) - then I can take a look at the MafiaaFire Chrome addon - if it contain "vulnerables" or if the developer is bumming of the seized domains, then I'll probably make a fork of that too :-)

I also love the icon! ptgmacman's suggestion is good, but so far I'm going with yours :D