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  • The CuteMenus Classic add-on I like very much.

    It also works on current FF versions. (e.g. 3.6.24)
    For this you need to ignore the add-on version limitation.
    Install the add on "MR Tech Toolkit". Then you can install or re-activate CuteMenus Classic (or other add-ons).
    For installation: In the installation add-on window activate the checkbox "Deactivate compatibility check (maxVersion)".
    For re-activating: In the add-ons overview right click to CuteMenus Classic and click to "adjust compatibility" (or similar).

    I still use Firefox 3, because I don't like the graphical Design of newer versions. (I tried them, but then I reinstalled FF 3.)
  • This is being kept alive by a Japanese guy named matsumoto over at userstyles.org


    Now two different versions for XP and W7 (XP version works fine on FF4.0.1).
  • I loved this, too bad it's not updated anymore :(
    Now I have to use the Crystal SVG version of it...
  • Thank you masamunecyrus !! It's now working a treat! Do feel free to carry on developing it, that would be appreciated by many thousands of Firefox users. Thanks again!!
  • Love it!
  • Used in conjunction with my userstyle, this addon still works with Firefox 3.6+. You can download my temporary CuteMenus Classic v0.7.5a here:

    and check out the userstyle here:

    I may take it up in the future, but right now is very busy for me.
  • Such a shame, as this was a great add-on! You better start looking else where, as this is dead in the water! And, i don't think it will be developed any further! Anybody willing to carry it on??????
  • please update for 3.6 :)
    this is the only of my fav add-ons left that hasn't yet updated for 3.6. thank you for your work on this !
  • Great add-on.There's only one thing that could be better: the dictionary sub-menu should have that earth icon.But it can fixed by adding those lines to the cutemenus.css file:#spell-dictionaries-menu menuitem[type="checkbox"] .menu-iconic-icon { list-style-image: url("check_buttons.png") !important; -moz-image-region: rect(0px 32px 16px 16px) !important;}#spell-dictionaries-menu menuitem[type="checkbox"][checked="true"] .menu-iconic-icon { list-style-image: url("check_buttons.png") !important; -moz-image-region: rect(0px 16px 16px 0px) !important;}
  • Great add-on but NOT compatible with FF 3.6
  • I love this add-on, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update for Firefox 3.6!!
  • I recommend this for any people. Firefox has many menu items so I have to read each labels every time. After you install this addon, small icons in menu items powerfully help you to detect what menu item is you want.
  • This theme is simply the best cutemenus addon because it is so moddable. The -moz-iconic-small-icon which allows for combining multiple images for a single icon is brilliant (e.g., a page icon + a star icon = add bookmark icon).

    I've also gone ahead and finished all of the unstyled menuitems as a Stylish userstyle here:
  • pls do it also for TB. So we dont have to use 2 different.
  • I totally love this in FF 3.5. But now TB3 looks so bland in comparison. Please consider adding TB support!
  • I have used this addon on FF2 and FF3, and I love it! The only thing I miss is additional support for Thunderbird and Sunbird, including beta versions.
  • This one is good... Combined with Classic Caompact+Classic Compact Options+Cutem Menus=10/5..perfect dude i like it..
  • Please, make this add-on for Mac!
  • Great, but i have a one problem with - http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/7891/imageproblemwa9.jpg
  • Very nice extension, simple and effective.
  • Thanks for fixing the bug regarding checkmarks! It's back to being great :) Just wish there were multiple themes (not just the Vista icons).
  • love it
  • It would be much better if it wouldn't show the icons for disable menu items.
  • Works perfectly for me, at least on Vista. For my taste it's much better than the other "CuteMenu" addons which are very, very bloated - even their settings dialog opens with a noticeable delay.

    Would it be possible to make the extension compatible with Linux as well? I mean - I'm sharing my profile between both OS-es and while CuteMenus Classic don't break anything on Linux they don't seem to be doing anything either (except for some icons).