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  • From the day I switched 2x FHD monitors to my laptop I've been frustrated by the amount the usual TB header takes up on such a tiny 1366x768 screen. You've made my life easier. Thanks!
  • Huston, we have a problem!
    This great plugin does not work anymore in coexistence with enigmail:
    We hope for a solution from you.
  • Allows me to view entire page in vertical view. Working great in 52.5.0
    That Big header was so annoying for so many years. Makes Thunderbird look so much better.
  • thank you very much for this feature!
  • Joyful concern through CompactHeader!
  • Geht auch in Version 53. :-)
    Ich verstehe nicht, warum das in den euen Versionen nicht zum Lieferumfang gehört.
    Daher Danke für die dringend notwendige Erweiterung :-)
  • With Quickfolfers toolbar, it's a must-have to clean up your Thunderbird UI.

    I would like to thank the developers to do such a useful addon. The option panel is quite well made, with simple but smart features.
  • Works well on Windows, does not work on Linux (content is not shown but the bar size remains large).
    ... so this usually points to a problem with other installed addon. Can you disable them and check if you can reproduce the problem with only CompactHeader active?
  • Yes, i can collapse this shitty big header. Thank a lot.
  • I have used it years without having reply to all button as it isn't there by default. Just today I finally found the option to add, remove and rearrange buttons. I find it's too tricky to find the right place though.
  • I like information associated with my incoming emails. It alerts me to the fact if an email may be a new suspicious member, or if I should give the email extra attention. However, I have no need to see the header information all the time. This is especially true when accessing my email on a laptop. With full header information, my reading becomes "keyholed" into a tiny slot at the bottom of the screen.

    Sure, I could switch my layout, but I don't like the vertical look on a tiny laptop screen which squashes everything into an unrecognizable mess. It's my computer and I have my configuration the way I want it. Thank goodness for this add-on. I can now read my emails without slouching, squinting, and turning my head nearly sideways for this basic task.
  • Compact headers worked (for years) in conjunction with the ToggleHeaders add-on.

    The specific behavior (on Mac Version 38.6.0):

    When I forward emails I expect the header setting to appear in the forwarded
    email. Thus, when I expand handers to full headers (either using "View->Headers->All or with the ToggleHeaders "h" key), I expect full headers to
    appear in my forwarded message. Such was the former behavior. Now CompactHeaders compacts the headers (to a medium length header) and doesn't allow me to forward the full header.

    For this reason I've disabled CompactHeaders until a fix is available. Thus my 5-star rating is now a 3.
  • This has always been a great addon, does what it says, low overhead, no complaints.

    It was actually created to fill a gap that was created in Thunderbird's development: you used to be able to minimize the headers directly from the program, then that useful feature was removed from one release to the next. Why? Are M$ employees working on TB? Seriously, did a group have a meeting wherein the topic of removing usability and user-friendliness was discussed and forcing unwitting users to sacrifice screen real-estate because of a perceived need for 'code elegance' or 'compactness' took hold?

    Meanwhile, thanks to the developer of this extension, jmozmoz, compacting the headers to a single relevant line was the job of simply clicking one button and the state was remembered well between program invocations or computer reboots, whether Linux or Windburps. Now, a program update, apparently a minor revision [?] has left this extension out in the rain (v. 2.10 TB) works no more in TB 31.8.0 [alas].

    Compared to the unrest in the world, this is only a hiccup, or possibly a small hiccaburp, but would leave the world an even politer place by somehow being fixed.
    Please either install manually the old Version 2.0.9 from https://addons.mozilla.org/thunderbird/downloads/file/285934/compactheader-2.0.9-tb.xpi?src=version-history or update your version of Thunderbird (preferred way) from https://www.mozilla.org/thunderbird/
  • CompactHeader may have had problems recently (according to Nemo_bis), but it's working fine now in Thunderbird 38.2. It was updated September 16, 2015, so that may have been the fix.
  • It was a shock to see that Thunderbird 38.1.0 no longer had the familiar minus button to hide most headers of a message. No idea how people can use Thunderbird without!

    This extension restored the familiar behaviour of versions up to 37, allowing me not to abandon Thunderbird.
  • well, this addon is a must-have!

    are there any chances to cooperate with Gmail Buttons - https://addons.mozilla.org/pl/thunderbird/addon/gmailbuttons/ so it's line can be displayed even with collapsed headers?
  • Thunderbird 36.0b1 users, the current stable 2.0.9 doesn't work, but you can use the development channel's 2.1.0b3, which can be installed in Tb36.0b1 by fiddling with the xpi's install.rdf
  • great space-saver
  • With this extension, I was able to recover valuable real estate that was being wasted by the messages' toolbar. Does its job perfectly!
  • This extension works fine. But it hides icons for S/MIME reporting about the e-mail (signed, encrypted) even it does not hide ENIGMAIL/PGP information (signed, encrypted). This is not possible to file bug report (the Bugzilla says I'm not approved to file bug against this component).
    Sorry but I cannot confirm this (with Thunderbird 33.0 beta and CompactHeader 2.0.9beta2)
    Could you please post a bug report with additional information (Thunderbird/CompactHeader versions, screenshots?) to the support forum:
  • Great job. Very useful.
  • Can't imagine using Thunderbird without this add-on!

    Please, do not abandon it!
  • A must have for laptop users. TB should have this as a standard feature!
  • looks sexy now!
  • Exactly what I needed!