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Clean Link does not get active if i move it into firefox's menu. It will be active only if it is set (by default) on the toolbar. This bug has been reported a long time ago by other user but not get fixed, Github:bug #56
Firefox 37.0.2

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Great add-on, a few suggestions:

1. For some sites, Clean Links appends a '#' to the cleaned link, e.g. Google with JavaScript disabled.

2. For the blacklists and whitelists, the comma-delimited list is difficult to read quickly and modify. I think it would be helpful to use a one-entry-per-line textbox or some sort of interface to add and remove entries.

3. Please make options sync-able.

4. Please provide a detailed explanation for what each of the options does on the Options page.


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It works like explained, but if you use Google search results and normally have it open new links in a new tab, it won't. It forces the page to open on the current page you're looking at. Very annoying if you are needing to open numerous links. You have to temporarily disable the add-on to utilize 'open links in new tab'. Otherwise, a nice add-on.

Hello, usually i use the middle-mouse-button when i want to open sites in a new tab, but in any case go to the addon settings and enable the "Follow target attribute" option which may helps.


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Awesome addon! But please make some translations of settings (i'm Russian), i think more users need this. Thx.

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This add-on works amazing!

Edit: stupid me :-)

Hi, i posted a reply in your SUMO ticket. Basically, if you don't like that you just have to turn off the "Highlight Cleaned Links" option.

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Clean Links is missing one very important feature a Blacklist mode. I really need and want to be able to only block redirects for sites on my blacklist. Other then that Clean Links is a great replacement for the now discontinued Redirect Cleaner.

Hopefully Blacklist mode will be added and then Cleans Links will be perfect for my needs :)

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I was using Redirect Cleaner but it's not available anymore so I've switched to Clean Links. It works very well, thanks for maintaining this addon.

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I suggest to add support for a reversed urls
similar to /moc.elgoog//:sptth

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Nice it does what it said

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С регулярными выражениями париться не охота, лучше буду юзать Pure URL.

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I love this addon but altough it may be hard work, please add a redirect-removal feature like the addon redirect remover. I hope that the redirect watcher function is good enough. Keep up the good work. 5/5

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The "skip domains" list reset all my custom entries when an update changed the defaults. Luckily I read the changelog before updating and anticipated that would happen so no harm done (I'm that good :) but next time you alter any of the default values in an update, you should make sure you are appending the update; not erasing user settings.

Also, facebook is in the skip domains list by default. Facebook is literally the biggest offender of url redirecting I have ever encountered and it should ABSOLUTELY NOT be excluded! Perhaps if there's some element of facebook that cleanlinks breaks, you should hardcode a specific rule for that element.

I also use the addon pure-url- I am fairly certain clean links does all pure url does and more. I think clean link's "remove from url" option is exactly what pure-url does, correct? The only issue is clean links uses regex, and well, you know the saying, "and now you have two problems". I'd love to consolidate the number of addons I have by removing pure-url, but pure-url has a nice coma separated list that I can actually use without fear of breaking an entire regex expression and losing all related protection/functionality.

I've just read up on regex and I think I've translated all of pure-url's defaults into clean links (also needed to enable the http observer option to clean links on refresh like pure-url does). The only two differences I know of between what pure-url can do and what clean links does: pure-url also cleans the URL that is shown when you hover the cursor over the URL without clicking, and pure-url can create site specific rules ( to remove the ?src= only on I don't know if the first difference is important (as long as the url is changed before the first server connection is made), but that second feature might be worth implementing.

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I'm missing this most valuable add-on now that I've just installed Firefox 36.

We had been warned that some add-ons could be broken with new FF 36; unfortunately Clean Links is of the lot : toolbar icon disappeared, add-on is ineffective.

Please, please & please (3 please, please) do update beloved#2 Clean Links to be compatible with beloved#1 (Firefox, who else?!)

Great add-on.

EDIT - Clean Links 2.7 is OK with Firefox 36!
Thanks (only one thanks but extra big) to the developer for his excellent add-on and for his outstanding reaction speed to update 'Clean Link'. All is for the best.
I did say thanks did I?

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Hi FoxTail, So many "pleases" needed a fast response, hence version 2.7 have been just released which fixes the problems with Fx 36 :) Cheers!

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working ok on palemoon 25.2.0, 1 note: icon must be put on taskbar or in the menu for it to work. icon wasn't shown and it wasn't working. as soon as i put it in the taskbar it worked.

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great addon!!

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No effict in

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Cool Addons Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

I love this addons

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Good In Theory, Great In Practice Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Great addon and yes, contrary to some idgits "analysis", it does have to be turned off for some sites (or better yet, white-listed... a great option that few, if any, offer with their link cleaners/redirect removers)... but, it does what it's suppose to and it does it well. Koodos! Just one issue... the icon disappears in Palemoon (Firefox 24.9) from time to time (usually, after installing/removing other addons). This is a common problem with Palemoon, but it would be great, if you could add an icon retrieval or some type of recovery in the options, like other addons have started doing. Help us fix it a bit quicker, than having to reload this site, find your addon, then reinstall. Thanks!

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Good In Theory, Failure In Practice Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner

This add-on, while good in theory, prevents basic internet functionality that is required for my internet usage. A few basic examples include logging into bank accounts (Chase Bank, First Citizens, etc) and even clicking the simple Log In section of NewEgg all are prevented by this add-on. I had to debug the issue by disabling 35 add-ons and going through them until I found a few suspect ones that were disabled that fixed my issues. I enabled them one at a time and restarted Firefox each time. It was Clean Links that was the only add-on that had to be left disabled for me to log in to NewEgg or a bank account. So with this type of issue present with the add-on I can not rate it well based not only on this problem, but the amount of time it required to debug this issue.

Updated 11/16:
Yes I tried your whitelist option (just like I do on NoScript and Disconnect) and while I whitelisted bank account sites and NewEgg the add-on still prevented them from opening. Maybe your extension is clashing with another I have running, but I feel if I can handle NoScript and configuring it, this add-on should be a piece of cake considering the number of scripts you have to sort through for NoScript (but that is worth the time due to how many scripts are forced on you today). This should be a basic whitelist click and sorry to tell you that isn't working for everyone. I can tell you why a simple whitelist does not work, it is because your add-on is not taking for example in the Whitelist to include the subdomain links associated with NewEgg. You would need to Whitelist every single site link you access on sites that clash with the add-on. In the end the basic added security this offers is just not worth the trouble with your Whitelist setup.

I figured I would get a review above mine telling me how I'm too novice to understand how to configure an addon, lol. Can you tell me how to configure IBM Blade servers using Putty or SecureNetTerm? I work in back end network support for a large corporate company and when I come home to use the internet I shouldn't be spending over 15 minutes trying to debug a single add-on that is clashing with everything else running perfectly together. Why did I install this add-on? Are you joking? Read your own description of your own add-on, that is why.

I can happily say after removing your add-on that AdBlock (and the add-ons to it), BetterPrivacy, Disconnect, DoNotTrackMe, MaskMe, NoScript, Perspectives, ShareMeNot and WOT all work perfectly together again. So I am sorry if I chose to uninstall your add-on to have all of the above working together again (which wasn't true with your add-on installed even with your Whitelist enabled). When you add an option to enable subdomain links with the primary whitelist link let me know and I'll reinstall plus I'll update this review. If I overlooked subdomains in your whitelist, tell me where it is I'll change this review now.

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Hi ZoSo,

Can i ask why did you choose to install Clean Links? Sorry, but reading your concerns looks like you didn't take a couple of minutes to properly read and understand the add-on description and how it works/what it does, so just wondering.

Clean Links is highly configurable to prevent any such side-effects from a link filtering/cleaning algorithm, but certainly it isn't suitable for most novice users if the default settings doesn't meet their internet surfing needs. One feature to make such users happy was implementing easy-whileteling through the toolbar button, right-click it and you'll be presented with a list of cleaned links, if any of them caused some side-effect you just have to select it and click on "Whitelist" and the problem will go away.

Hope that brings you some light.

Best regards.