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Hvorfor blev BlackFox V2-Blue lavet?

I made BlackFox out of love for Firefox. The Theme is designed for high usability, easy on the eyes and helps to stay focused while surfing. It has some animations and custom images to complement the style.
The slide-show gallery is an idea I'm trying for the first time, it's probably the first time such feature is included in a theme.

Hvad kommer som det næste for BlackFox V2-Blue

This is a new theme so it will develop according to the feedback from the users.

Om udvikleren

Information om udvikleren
Navn Zigboom
Hjemmeside http://www.zigboom.com/
Bruger siden April 22, 2009
Antal udviklede tilføjelser 6 tilføjelser
Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse af udviklerens tilføjelser Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner