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  • Since Firefox version 48 the context menu in the address bar does not work anymore.

    kein Kontextmenü in der Adressleiste

    Seit Firefox Version 48 funktioniert das Kontextmenü in der Adressleiste nicht mehr.

  • Powerfull search + open and edit features this add-on gives!
    Could you consider implementing these features:
    * Opening 'Tag' in the library like for folders would allow direct edit/clean/improve tags. * Check if Library is already opened in a tab (chrome:///browser/content/places/places.xul).

  • Extremely powerful addon, now i can find all my folders bookmarks and even find the path of the bookmarks, its a bit trickier to use but i will make a video tutorial to explain how to use this awesome tool. :D
    Congards and Thanks!

  • Very nice idea to be able to search for bookmark folders (still don't understand that ffox fails to add this feature after so many years).
    My question is - how does this thing actually work? How do I search for bookmark folders?
    Also - how do I install it without having my toolbar buttons shuffled and removed, search boxes removed, icon-text setting changed which even uninstalling of this add-on does not correct?

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    thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate you took the time to tell me what are the difficulties you had trying to use it as I found most people seems even have not the time for this.
    I spend many weeks in developing the addon and I like to have
    people use it.

    To your questions:

    First of all: I got an email / homepage so you could contact me
    and send additional information.

    > how does this thing actually work? How do I search for bookmark folders.

    Please help me to understand what is missing for understanding the usage. There are screen-shots. Maybe this will help:

    0. By clicking right button on firefox search results you will
    get more information / possibilities for the url.
    1. Search by urlbar search
    Type "F " (prefix F and space) and the search-term of folder / tag
    You can change prefix "F" in options. The results will be
    displayed in an extra panel. You just need to hover over results.
    2. Search by urlbar search with toolbar button
    Add the toolbar button by "customise", enter search term in urlbar
    and click toolbar button. By the way: right click on toolbar button
    opens options.
    3. Search by urlbar search and show results under firefox search results
    You can change this in options.
    4. Search in history panel (Library):
    Just with "F " and search term.

    > Also - how do I install it without having my toolbar buttons shuffled and

    removed which even uninstalling of this add-on does not correct?

    Could you please contact me so I could reproduce the problem and try to fix it?
    I uninstalled the addon on my system and after restart there are no changes in the toolbar of my profile. So I need further information, e.g. screenshots, which toolbar you meant (menu bar, navigartion toolbar) and what the changes are.


  • Correction of my first review:

    I had a problem with old (deleted or changed) bookmarks, which are still in Firefox database. These bookmarks are NOT displayed in Firefox Bookmarks window, but unfortunately with the AddOn Search Function "F xyz" (when search is successful of course).

    I do not know if the problem is caused by this AddOn or Firefox itself - because this, I leave 5 stars ...

    Unfortunately, with this behaviour, this AddOn is no more so perfect for me!

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    thanks for the Feedback. To increase performance the Add-on searches through the database of firefox direct. If there are items that were not properly deleted (maybe session shutdown) these where searched and if matched the query shown, too. But there should be an error message when you try to expand these elements. FOR EXPERTS: I do not recommend, but if you want you can try to delete them in the firefox database places.sqlite in table (moz_bookmarks). BUT BE VERY CAREFUL AND MAKE A BACKUP BECAUSE CHANGES IN THE DATABASE MAY CAUSE DESTRUCTION OF THE PROFILE. I WON'T TAKE ANY LIABILITIES FOR THAT.

  • Thank you for this extension. It indeed serves a very important area, and occupies indeed useful and sometimes unic nisha, that that turns this addon to "must be" list. Especially taking into account that Places search quality, particularly tag handling is very poor without this addon.
    But I have some suggestions that probably you'll like.
    1. The left click on icon works only something is typed in awesome bar with appropriate Prefix (e.g. F). But awesome bar is not always the most comfortable place for typing by many reasons. That is why I propose that left click on this icon will always open the context menu, but the first line of it will be input field (if no prefix was typed in awesome bar).
    2. It is worth to have shortcut that will be equal to left click on icon. The shortcut should be disabled by default to avoid conflicts with other addons and of course should be customisabled.
    3. Currently the addon provides searches for folders, tags, tabs titles and context. It is worth to add search for bookmark short names too.
    4. Currently the search panel represents all dimensions - folders, tags etc. and therefore each dimension is relatively small and requires deep scrolling. But the particular search needs only one dimension. So, it is worth to have the possibility to expand any dimension to entire panel (and visa versa - to unexpand)
    Of course all these suggestions are not critical at all - the addon is pretty good now. But if you will like some of them I'll be glad.
    Don't relate to them as requests.
    Thank you.