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Dan Kenigsberg

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Hvorfor blev Arabic spell-checking dictionary lavet?

Years ago, I thought that having an Arabic spell-checking dictionary for Mozilla is an achingly missing feature. So I did some work converting the Buckwalter morphological engine to myspell format. That version has long been replaced by a more modern and more complete dictionary Ayaspell. Note that my work here is limited to copying upstream versions when they are ready. Please consider to show your support to the http://ayaspell.sourceforge.net/ project as well.

Hvad kommer som det næste for Arabic spell-checking dictionary

Keep up with the good work of Ayaspell.

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Navn Dan Kenigsberg
Hjemmeside http://outgoing.mozilla.org/v1/db0ead7616a001ea70bd9afe78e25d04833ad231/http%3A//www.cs.technion.ac.il/%7Edanken
Bruger siden March 5, 2007
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