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  • Mon coils a eu plusieur jour de retour par la mauvaise volonté de vos livreurs
  • Goooooood
  • Doesn't work w/ my Firefox - simply says it can't access the internet (which I'm submitting this with.)
  • The built-in price notification along with the price tracking history was a good thing to have shopping on various websites. The direct link to the product's webpage on Amazon was also a pleasing idea. +2 stars for that; however, Firefox continuously froze for 15-45 seconds every time I opened a new window. Sometimes (~3/10 times), Firefox would completely freeze, and I'd have to resort to the task manager. The continuous freezing on Firefox was grounds for removal on me end. Until Amazon fixes issues like this, I'll not be using this add-on.
  • It does not work.
  • All I want is the old universal amazon button. What you get with this add-on is messages, popups, etc - even when you have all notifications turned off. When you contact Amazon "customer service" about it, their "fix" is to uninstall it.
    A ten-year-old could code a better add-on.
  • The ease with which the app helps in product selection, comparison is good
  • Used to be helpful way to add non-Amazon items to wishlist. Now is overly sketchy and overlays actually BLOCK ordering from other sites. No thank you!
  • great
  • Excellent add-on. It provide updates related to all the offers. There is lot of ease and convenience in navigation. It is easy to track the order details as well as updates too. Awesome one to Add on :)
  • here's what i was hoping for when i saw this add-on option: a little widget/badge/icon that would notify me of ONLY shipping updates when i turned the widget/badge/icon on or off. after clicking, reading not 1, not 2, but the first 3 permissions that i need to grant is astoundingly stupid to allow.

    This is the EXACT wording... only copy and pasting here....

    "This add-on can:"
    1. "Access your data for all websites"
    2. "Read and modify bookmarks"
    3. "Monitor extension usage and manage themes"

    what was i thinking? ALL WEBSITES? Modify my bookmarks? And for those that don't understand no. 3, basically they want to see what add-blocker i'm employing and "white list" Amazon and Amazon "friendly" websites.

    now, i don't mind doing business with them. i need a particular service, they provide the service. our business transaction should end there, not fucking NEVER END!

    edit: spelling
  • Much like the other reviews, it didn't do much for me either, other than giving me the option to add the item to my 'wish list'. Also it was never a banner at the top of the webpage or even in a pop-up window or drop down menu (well, other than the 3 dots on the top right of my browser, where everything is → settings, bookmarks, tools, etc), so the only way I could use it was to have it opened in a seperate window and manually search for the item I wanted to compare prices with.

    Which at this point was no different than the way I use to do it; search for things online, look at different places, different prices, go onto Amazon's app and search for the same product to see if they have it any cheaper. The only difference is it's much, much easier to search on Amazon's app than to use this "assistant", because at least with the app I could do more than just add it to a 'wish list'.

    This was a great idea and I would have loved to use this, unfortunately it just didn't do anything it said it would or could. At first I thought it was because I was trying to use the app on a smartphone, rather than a desktop or laptop computer, but as I read the comments, I found out this annoyance happens across the board.
  • Excellent add-on. Gives you nice snippets of information about your Amazon orders and top deals. It provides updates relating to all the offers. There is lot of ease and convenience in navigation.