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  • not work
  • it does work, just unpack the rar file, and copy the new files to the firefox folder
    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  • ....bs not working.
  • does not work. This app does nathing, just tells you to download aditional file, witch is virus! Need to be reported imediatly and removed from firefox adons!
  • No funciona
  • Works good for when I'm programming stuff based on factorio, but it doesn't work with fullscreen applications. (e.g. Looking at a walkthrough for a game)
  • add the addon.
    press ctrl+shift+F7.
    unpack and install the repository from the link provided in the new tab
    now use same shortcuts
  • !!!
  • This still works on quantum, however after installation, they ask you to run a .bat file to make it work. So far works perfectly fine, no suspicious behavior. Recommended!
  • This add-on is not available on your platform.
  • it's great and missing on iMac
  • Not working properly. The addon page says the bugs with Firefox 60 are fixed, but they are not. Either that, or it's incompatible with Windows 10.

    Used to work properly a few months back, on my Windows 7 PC. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  • works perfectly, after I hit the bat File, the button can work.
  • Didn't work. I went to the github link stated in the instructions and downloaded the file. After I hit the bat file and the aot app, nothing happened, this lead me to uninstall the extension and the download that it required.
  • das war eine tolle Erweiterung . leider funktioniert sie seit 57 nicht mehr.
    gibt es eine alternative surfen und gleichzeitig film sehen? Ubuntu?
  • Doesn't work
  • After much consideration, this app is officially a 1 star. I'm no computer expert, and the fact that his app used to be my favorite. But after Firefox upgrade, this app stop working! again, i usually just download stuff, click it and voila! i would search google for a fix and do this, and do that but i have no clue what they talking about! Common Mr. Developer sir. Make it simple and work for id**t users like me!
    I'm sorry for that, I'll try and find some time to fix all-in-one install app, but I have other stuff to attend to so you'll have to wait a little bit,
    BTW: I'm sure you can make it work just to going through steps described carefully,
    Vasyl Maherka
  • works like a charm, has a little helper exe
  • he podido usarlo una sola vez. Lo desactivé en el gestor de complementos y al voloverlo a activar nunca más funcionó. El problema es que al hacer click en el icono de la chincheta me abre una pestaña y me lleva al link https://vm-devr.github.io/aot/ y está instalado y activado, tengo capturas de pantalla por si hace falta más info (no se como colocarlas aquí).

    He desinstalado el complemento, firefox, reiniciado, vuelto a instalar firefox, el complemento y sigue igual. Por favor ayuda.
  • The extension works perfectly! Very awesome extension.
  • unique and very useful extension
  • Works just fine. It's hardly the dev's fault that the latest Firefox requires an external tool, but this extension works and it's not difficult to install.
  • Works as intended, thank you!
  • Pre-quantum, this was one of my favourite extensions. Bringing in something Mozilla themselves forgot. Now, though, with the requirement to install a separate app from a random developer, just seems fishy. I certainly can't use it at work anymore. A real shame. I'm blaming Mozilla for this one, the whole extensions change is basically just "here's Chrome but with the name Firefox", which is crap. Sorry for the negative review, I just can't use this anymore, and I'm a little mythed, as I did like this extension.

    you can still use legacy addon version using this link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/always-on-top/versions/
    but you will have to use older firefox to install it

    anyway, that's not some "separate app from a random developer":
    1) I am the only developer of that app
    2) You can check it with whatever antivirus you like
    3) It's so small that you can't possibly put anything harmful inside
    4) Please believe me - it uses pretty much the same code as in legacy addon, it just had to be moved outside

    Vasyl Maherka
  • Ich finde das Add-On super, genau das was ich brauche funktioniert auch so weit so gut mit allen programmen. Ich habe nur ein Problem mit einem Spiel bei dem dies nicht funktioniert, dabei wird das Spiel trotz des Add-Ons mir im Vordergrund angezeigt bzw kann ich nur zwischen ihnen switchen. Ich würde mich freuen wenn Sie mir weiter helfen könnten. :)
    Schonmal Danke im Vorraus :D
    MfG Shahbaz

    there isn't an easy way to do such a thing,
    anyway, please write to me in an email and I'll try to come up with something

    Vasyl Maherka