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  • Just installed this add-on. I can see again!

    Edit: Developer states sizes offered and which was what.

    Thank you Ed Hume I did not expect a reply. :)

    Svar fra udvikleren

    Aeon Big icons are exactly half the size of Aeon Jumbo.

  • It has made firefox in my new Windows 8 Vaio Duo 11 a pleasure to use. Now I can see (and touch) the buttons and both the url bar and google bar. Not to mention the scrolling bars (finally you can put your fingers through them). It is the only way to go with a 11,6 screen of 1920 x 1024 pixeles. Furthermore the design, colours and effects is just great. Thanks so much. Five stars.

  • its shows a refresh button next to the back buttons on the picture above, but when I downloaded this there was no refresh button, also tried person a expressions and the refresh button was missing from that.

    Other than that the icons are nice and big and easier to line up on also if you have motor co-ordination difficulties its useful too.

  • Thank you for your work, Ed, I'm sorry, that extension will not

  • I love this theme! Perfect for Tablet PCs. I'd love it even more if it came in black/dark!

  • very creative, I like it. I got a bit of difficult finding how to go back several links back as there was not a down arrow between the arrows, but finally find it by right-clicking the big arrow.

  • ... love those huge icons ... these make sense. Huge icons, clear and crisps, even the scroll bars are huge ... what more do we need? Most of the other themes overlook the sizes of icons (or scrollbars), why do we have to strain our eyes just so that we can focus on some really tiny icons? This is definitely one of the best themes. I'll continue to promote Aeon Jumbo. Thanks Ed Hume

  • cute

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  • I love these big icons
    they are great.

  • If I am translating it correctly, the one who wrote his/her comment 'en Francais' was giving kudos, not a complaint!

    It reads (rough translation by me) : "This theme is very good for bad eyesight. This is a very good idea."

    And, I might add that just because icons are big, that doesn't mean people with normal eyesight can't use them. I like the "retro" feel of this particular theme, and my vision is far better than my parents'!

    But since they are incurably attached to IE, they won't be able to take advantage of these cool FF themes...ah, well...;-)

  • ce thème est très bien pour les mal voyant. C'est une très bonne idée.