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I use this Add-On every single day in my work against online piracy. It works really well and is SUPER easy to use!

I also think working on the issues that JMJimmy mentions would make this an even better product!

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I have a new suggestion for snaplinksplus:

If i right click on a pic or link,
i have the new context menu option "Disallow snapping",
a blacklist window appears in the addons options new tab, where i can type my new regex, so each time i snap a group of pictures, i am sure certain strings will be ignored from links or a specific directory of that domain using regex .. .

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Without a doubt one of my favourite addons. It has so many uses - I'd highly recommend it to everyone. That said it's not without its issues.

1) It frequently breaks when Firefox is updated. Some times the fix is as simple as re-installing the addon but sometimes a lengthy wait is required for compatibility to be restored.

2) Formatting of copied links is not fully customizable and "new line" option is not handled properly. Pasting the copied links into a rich text editor works as expected but not into a plain text editor like Notepad.

3) There's a bug in the counting feature where it sometimes reports the correct count +1. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell when this bug is going to crop up so the count can never be relied on for accuracy

4) There can be some interface lag, currently this can cause some issues when making scrolling selections where the box will restart/reposition itself rather than extend.

I'd also like to see it have a couple more features like:

1) Ability to copy selected text in tables. This would come in very handy for copying a row or column of data which Firefox handles rather poorly on its own.

2) Quick Drag features would be a natural addition to this addon

3) Ability to chose between copying the href info and copying the text in the A tags.

4) The ability to select a "modify area" from the context menu and then manipulate the borders of the selection.

All of this said, it's still among my top 5 favourite and most used addons

Simple and configurable Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

A fine example of doing one thing and doing it incredibly well! I use this add-on every day.

Where are the instructions? Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner

Is it really the case that there are no instructions? I certainly can't find them.I can draw the box, but then nothing happens. I assume I am supposed to do something, but I have not guessed what yet.

Please add the ability to open links based on drag direction! Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

Multi Links, dead since 2011, is an extension that did what this does, except would open links in the order you dragged them, so you could go right to left, and the first opened tab would contain the rightmost link, because you dragged over it first. This is the only flaw of this extension, as far as I can see. Adding this ability, at least as a toggle, would make it perfect for me.

Created a ticket to track this feature request:

like it, but it needs work Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

it can cause quite a long delay when r-clicking (without moving cursor) until context menu appears, but apparently only on some sites


Thanks for the mention, I've created a ticket here to track the issue:

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Уже два года облегчает мне жизнь в Сети. Не знаю, сколько нервов мне сохранило это дополнение, ведь по одной открывать 100500 ссылок - это с ума сойти можно!

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As I said in my previous review. Works great!

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I've been playing with this addon and it's great in all except one area. I don't this there is a way to make multiple rectangular selections in one pass or/and deselect already selected links like Multi Links did. I would really love to see this in future releases. Other than that it's very helpful tool.

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it was nice addon. now i can move on from multi links

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Awesome!!!! Exactly what I searched for after Multi Links doesn't work anymore!

Pretty good Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Could only be better if there would be an option to make different choices (for example open in background with right-click marker and copying links when using the left-click marker)

Edit: done:

Thanks... If you could put that in the issue tracker as a feature request I can put that on the time line for future features.

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See a lot of frustration and people angrily giving bad reviews because the developer did not update this to be compatible with latest firefox version?

That is exactly how good this plug in is.

It is a simple functionality but it improve your browsing experience to the point that once you cannot use it any more people become desperate and resort to whining here.

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Yaaay. Updated from 20beta to 27beta yesterday and was afraid I will have to use other add-ons. version 2.3.4b12 from github works on 27beta. I wish I could send him some money.

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Well, well, it gives no good reputation to promise... and forget these promises quickly Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner

Clint Priest, when I wrote a review in September suspecting SLP to be another dead AddOn, you gave a quick reply and this is what you answered:"It's alive and well, not much going on the old Google groups site because it generally just works. Issues should be posted to the issues page (which is now where the support link points to)."Well, it would have been much better to be quiet at that time, because I'm quite sure you already knew at that time, that you would cancel/stop SNP development. And BTW, even if you planned to make a longer rest in development, why did you not simply tell your folks to wait for a fixed amount of time?The way you deal with Snap Links Plus and the users you expect to use this AddOn doesn't create a good impression of your intentions, sorry to say this. And another time: For me Snap Links Plus is dead - period.Clint, I do/did never intend to insult persons nor do/did I want to discredit someones effort or work. I guess there are enough users who will surely understand that you will have to do more in your life than to work on AddOns for FF. It simply would be more honest to realize such a fact (the simple lack of time) and to tell it instead of promising things you hardly will be able to fulfill - for all those ones you address with your promises (even yourself, I hope you understand this wink!). Tell your users a time they have to wait to give them a timeline or simply tell them : "I stopped this project" (like you did in the last reply - thanks for it). Otherwise I suspect you to try to limit damage by promising "I will...".I understand very well your position to cease such a work... but as I told it: Keep on being earnest and honest.

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As You Wrote This Review...

I was busy working on Beta 11 to fix the previously only outstanding issue, unfortunately one last issue has come up that needs to be fixed before the next release. This isn't my job, it's something I do in my very limited spare time. If you want to jump on board and work on the project, it's forkable on github at any time.

Beta 12 (Release Candidate 1) is now available here:

Firefox 26.0 ??? Bedømmelse: 3 ud af 5 stjerner

Three Stars instead of the otherwise Five Stars. Here's why . . .WHY is there always a compatibility problem with Snap Links whenever a new version of Firefox launches?This is SO annoying. EVERYTIME my Firefox upgrades to a newer version I have to wait for a newer Snap Links >_<

PS - No other add-ons that I have been using suffers from such compatibility problems.

Denne anmeldelse er af en tidligere version af tilføjelsen (2.3.3). 

My apologies about this, prior to FF 25 release I was not aware of issues in FF 25+. It was a rather simple fix really but there was a major change already in progress that prevented me from releasing a small version release to fix FF25-28. The current beta (just released today) is available here: (Release Candidate 1)

Latest Beta Ver Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

The lastest beta version I found/saw listed is the follwing

Changes listed: Update maxVersion to 28.*, fixed issue with outline rect not showing ……on another tab sometimes. Was related to CalcTimer not being cleared on mouse up.

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Issue with out-of-focus snap on zoomed pages fixed! Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

2.3.4b7 fixes incorrect selection on zoomed pages.


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To use with FF25 use beta Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

to install beta , just drag file to an open firefox window. Great product , beta works on FF25

Denne anmeldelse er af en tidligere version af tilføjelsen (2.3.3).