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  • It works. Better than can be said for most.
  • Installed both this and Quick Gestures, as Three Finger Swipe is more intuitive, but Quick Gestures has more assignable functions to choose from. Ultimately, I wish both of these were more integrated. This hasn't been updated since 2013 - I'm not holding my breath. With 2-3 different kinds of gestures, we'll see how confused I get, lol.
  • I love it. I can't get over how fast it is and how you can change the gesture so easily. Someone finally made a useful app/add-on that actually works well and had everything simplified yet incredibly usable and useful.
  • Very useful for fast browsing, also for those asking why is three fingers here is the thing: i've tried the two fingers fork version from this one and if you pinch zoom with two fingers there is a conflict with the addon and will execute random commands while you are zooming. So i think this was perfectly made to prevent future misheaviors on firefox updates.
  • It does what is supposed to and it does it super fast.
  • For accustomed users of a browser for mobile device, the most common action is opening or closing tabs. What a relief that now with this addon, one can simply do this with the swipe of his finger! Thank you, Android Firefox needed this.
  • Great. But not working on about:home (firefox home) tabs
    This is very annoying.
  • It works, but I prefer quick gestures.
  • 使いづらいFirefoxのタブバーには、ジェスチャがなければやってられません。
  • I used to be a big fan of FireGestures of Firefox , this is like a mini firegestures to me . This is a must must addon . But only thing is that we want more gestures , also 2 fingures should be better than 3 . Admin please do these changes .THIS ADDON IS THE ONLY REASON I'M USING ANDROID FIREFOX BROWSER . Firefox for best customization , users delight
  • 是否可以改成两个手指操作?三个手指操作不怎么方便!
  • works great, thank you
  • I am not a big user of add ons and this isn't even an option I would have ever thought about, but while looking around I came across it and downloaded it not really thinking I would use it much. Boy I was wrong. This is a huge time saver and works great. I do agree with the review from Patrick Nagel about having the cursor start in the url field. If you agree consider sending the owner an email. Suggestions and issues in the reviews do not make to the developers.
  • This is actually the first really useful add-on for me on mobile. It would be even greater if after an up-swipe the URL text field could have the focus, so you could start typing right away.
  • Three finger swipe works perfectly for closing and switching tabs on my Nexus 10.

    It seems that I have to reinstall it every time I restart Firefox though. I'm not sure if this is a problem will all Android add-ons.
  • Oh so very useful. I wonder if something similar would have been possible with 2 finger swipes but that is the only best thing I can think of. Oh and just a detail, the setting should be in the add-on page imo...
  • Giving 4-stars as it does what is expected. Quite nifty as there currently is no corresponding built-in feature as seen in Chrome.

    The only question is why three-finger? Two would have made it better. Also, like the others I hope the menu item is just relegated to the options pane.
  • I can't seem to get it working on my Motorola Atrix 4G. Ii
    I have Android OS 2.3.6, which shouldn't be an issue, right? Anyway I would have liked to see that there was something comparable to Dolphin, but alas there isn't :(
  • Not bad, but doesn't need the menu item. A settings page would be better.
  • I'd love to see some more options, in particular an option to toggle full screen would be wonderful
  • but not working in Firefox 17 beta on Droid 2. Would be great to have this as two finger gestures for those whose three fingers are on both edges. Keeping this installed in hopes that the next update will make this work for me.
  • Musr have addon because navigation in firefox is hard
  • hope for feather development
  • no need to keep showing tabs, and I can even close them "just like that". :)

    Using Tablet and Nightly, just force install, it works fine.
  • Only problem now is that it still thinks you are trying to scroll even though you have three fingers on the screen making for poor visuals.