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  • I used SetupMaster to keep my e-mails pivate. However, by just keep clicking 'cancel' when asked for the password, Thunderbird opens and you can read all my mails.
  • Thanks
  • Great add-on. Thank you very much for writing it,. It's a pity that the firefox API has changed and it no longer working but I know that this is largely outside of your control. More importantly, I very much appreciate the effort that you put into writing and maintaining this! (and I'm amazed that mozilla still has not fixed the bug that makes this add-on necessary!) Thanks again!
  • Hello, I love your addon, thank you! But it's not compatible with TB60 (in beta for now). Any chance to fix that?
    Thank you!
  • Dieses Tool ist für mich seit Jahren hilfreich. Es hindert Leute daran, die zufällig an meinen Rechner kommen, meine Mails auf- und abzurufen.
    Ja, jeder Fachmann kann es mit ein paar Klicks umschiffen. Doch die Zeit hat jener nicht, der zufällig an meinen Arbeitsplatz kommt. Das ganze System von Thunderbird ist mit einem Texteditor kompatibel. Das passt auch so. Wer mehr Sicherheit braucht, muss seine Mails eben verschlüsseln.
    Zusammenfassung: Das Tool tut, was es verspricht und dafür die Bestnote.
  • A quand une version compatible avec firefox Quantum ??? S'il vous plaît ...
  • Running 52.6.0. Press the "esc" key to bypass.
  • not compatible with quantum ... pls fix it !!!
  • firefox quantum?
  • Running TBird with many (5!) Mail-Accounts is a drag ... asking 5 times for master-password!
    But with StartupMaster it's just one requestor, also working fine with TBird 58 beta2 !!
  • Nicht mehr kompatibel mit der neuen version!
  • Not Compatible with Firefox Quantum. Please upgrade it. 5 stars for new update.
  • please update to Firefox Quantum, this is one of the best addons I use
  • Please add support for Firefox quantum :( Needed this addon so badly :(
  • Very useful extension.
  • Super Addon, bitte für Quantum aktualisieren
  • Can you give an update to where StartupMaster is regarding 57+? I'm following the status of the 3 FF bugs but nothing seems to change. I'm running ESR and FF ESR 60 is coming soon so that will be the end for StartupMaster. For me Nightly versions is out of the question since I don't know what data Mozilla is collecting when I use their nightly builds. The encryption possibilities you mention in C is a bit to much for me. So I really need to know what is happening with your excellent addon. If I can't use it I have to move to another browser.

    Anybody out there have a solution? Do you know if any of the many password managers have a browser login option? I tried quite a lot of them and none seems to have it.
  • Por favor, atualize para que seja compatível com o Firefox Quantum! Obrigado!!!
  • Ein tolles Produkt um mehr sicherheit in Firefox zu bekommen. Bitte auf Firefox Quantum updaten :o)
  • Please fix for Quantum please, need this addon like many users, thx
  • Schade dass diese App nicht mehr für FF57 aktualisiert wird. Hoffentlich findet sich jemand, der dies übernehmen könnte. Beste App wie auch Allinonesidebar....
  • Besides it is (was) a great addon, the dev also provided short but clear explanation about 57+ (which Firefox devs stubbornly failed to do). Hey, Mozilla - here is CEO for you, right on this page!
  • FF 57 не поддерживается =(
  • They say that at least 58 will work with legacy addons; hopefully this one will be updated before end of support.
  • It would be nice if there was a function in startup master to start thunderbird minimized. I have quite a lot of accounts in thunderbird and it takes some time after entering the passwort until everything is loaded and ready. In the meantime i do something else, and its quite annoying when the thunderbird window pops finally up and then interrupts e.g. typing in another window.