This "diamond in the rough" is easily the most effective FFox app I've used the last 4 years. It single-handedly cleans the operations of the latest FF (51) and allows my older (5yrs) laptop to operate SO much smoother and quicker that it did w/o SDC. I'm really amazed (and disgusted) that the "modern" internet is SO littered with data-grabbing, advertising and analyzing leeches. Thanks Very Much to the SDC team, whether one or 15! Well-Done!

CEO Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Easy to use, I do wish by default the notice was off, not knowing that it was optional I found it annoying almost removed then saw the setting. Great work and love the edits for the whitelist. THANK YOU.

e10s compatibility !!!! Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner

Perfect but not compatible with e10s multi processus

Take that cookie! Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Thanks, Ove, for this essential add-on...

Essential and clever, but lacks a consistent icon with Firefox UI Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Will never stop using it.

Cookies DO self-destruct! Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Wow thanks! I tried repeatedly to get rid of these 2 cookies that kept reappearing. As soon as I install this app they both self-destruct - gone! Thanks again!

Great Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Very good addon, thank you.

Does it handle also LSO and HSTS?

Works great Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Works perfect. I've become SO used to it, I don't think I could ever turn back.

Regrettably, it does not work with privacy.firstparty.isolate, thought that's a pretty uncommon (and beta?) flag.

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Electrolysis Compatibility Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Works great with Electrolysis

SDC Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

The functionality this provides is the reason for my switch from Chrome. It just works without fail, keeping me safe from the rarely useful technology of browser cookies.

Electrolysis Compatibility Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

Self-Destructing Cookies will be compatible in the futur with Electrolysis Mozilla Projet ?

Program destroys cookies and let user recover after? REALLY? Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner

On first run, the Program destroyed all my cookies WITHOUT WARNING and tells me how I can recover it afterwards.

Really? Ridiculous!

Self Destructing Cookies Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

It works well in wiping away coolie crumbs on websites. Using this in conjunction with the new Fire Fox Aurora Browser.

Addon works perfectly fine with one caveat... Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

It doesn't support E10s, please update the addon to support it because it's the only one i use that doesn't and i'll be forced to find another one because i want E10s to work.


EDIT: Apparently the reason E10s is not supported is because mozilla removed the feature to access local storage in E10s, which this addon needs,

The support guy said the addon would work with E10s but it would only clear local storage on startup, please go bug mozilla on that report.

Beautiful implementation Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Does one thing and does it right, while providing enough options to satisfy almost everyone in all circumstances. Very simple and intuitive to use. The one feature that I think would be very useful would be a mechanism for saving and restoring the whitelist. Although similar in purpose to Sync support (which would also be good), a whitelist save and restore is useful in more situations.

So fresh so clean Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

I have always been blocking all third-party cookies. However, that leaves out the trail of cookies you leave behind from an afternoon of going down some rabbit hole in a corner of the web.

With self destructing cookies, I am constantly reminded of how many useless cookies I gather during my surfing. My YouTube homepage is the YouTube homepage for an average person from my country, meaning it is pretty much worthless and I love that.

Author does not joke when he says "fix the web", it really does.

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner


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Perfect! Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Tracking cookies the past few years have gotten to epicly bad proportions, you can't even brouse on the internet for more then a few hours with out those little bas*erds draining away your memory/ram and crashing firefox. Surfing is hell with out this. Thank you for a wonderful program.


Removed 560 cookies since 1/7/2017, 9:04:17 AM. Of these, at least 423 were probably attempts to track you across the web.

15 LocalStorage scopes were removed along with them. This includes 7 scopes that were created by possible trackers.

Currently monitoring 38 domains, 332 cookies and 13 LocalStorage scopes, 0 of which will expire soon.

The main tracking cookie is from: Google. >:O(

This works.

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Great extension Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Perfectly removes all cookies from sites after you leave them. Great for privacy-conscious people.

Great Add-on Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

its my favorite Add-on for cookies, you decide who do you want to remember you, unfortunately, it doesn't work with Firefox 5.0, the ability to control who remembers you disappear when you don't a visible button, a way to tell the program which websites do you want to remember you.
great potential if it worked.