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  • I love this add on, but since it's not compatible with Quantum, I won't upgrade to FF 57.0. I'll stay with FF 56
  • I’ve always loved this extension and I am sad that since I use Nightly I don’t have it any more.
    It’s the neatest around, it just adds a context menu item to scroll up, and another one to scroll down, opposed to other add-ons that just add ugly buttons ON the web pages.
    I know that after November 14th 2017 Firefox will change, so I seriously hope that the developer will consider updating this piece of art, much needed.
  • - This add-on does not work when used on the vertical window content move bar normally on the right of a window.
    And that is exactly what default windows programs do: show a context menu when rightclicking on the vertical right scrollbar.
    This add-on only gives a context menu when rightclicking somewhere on the screen content.

    -If you want to keep this add-on the way it is, then please switch the 2 options in the context menu.
    Cauz now " go to bottom" option is listed *above* "go to top" option.
    Theres no logic in that, ya dolt.
  • Sweeeeeet! Just right, having the buttons in the toolbar...no screen clutter, good control. Thank you!
  • this plug in is working great ! Thanks
  • Scrolling 24/7!
  • So much better than the alternatives. Fantastic because the buttons are in the toolbar unlike others which put them on the page and don't let you click on things, or worse yet, they get printed when you print.
    This is clean and fantastic.
  • So much better than tedious manual scrolling. 'Menu Editor' add-on allows this feature to be place at the top of context menu, which makes it even better.
  • Exactly what I needed for best viewing Pinterest long pages!
  • Not bad...best one yet...
  • it's very useful thank you
  • This is a great add-on especially after I discovered that if you move the cursor to the edge of the screen before releasing the button, the menu does not appear.

    It would be even better if the menu did not appear wherever you release the button, and I hope that will come some day.
  • This is a very useful feature and the add-on works great but... the only problem is that I have customized the location of various other add-on buttons, moving them from the add-on bar to the main nav bar. But every time I re-open Firefox, "Scroll to Top/Bottom" undoes my custom layout so I have to redo it again and again. (This is in FF 23.0)
  • One of those little great ideas simplifying your life.Thank you! :-)
  • I really like this add-on. I go to a lot of Long Pages and not all of them have "top/bottom of page" built in. It gets tedious unless you use this add-on. Never had any problems either!
  • Just perfect. Great work.
  • Wow!! Great Job..

  • Works Perfect
  • Perfect addon. I actually thought, hey, FF needs a way to go to the top with one click. So I searched and here it was.

    No. It does not need to slow down or have more options. It is exactly and perfectly what it is.
  • I really like this one, it does what it says, jumps you to the top or bottom of the page.When I'm on a message board and am scrolled way to the bottom, but want to jump to the top to hit "view new posts" this will be exactly what I need.
  • yeah its too fast,need an option to slow it down "could make a floating one on the actual browser page"
  • i like it,so convenient.
  • I love this, I wish I'd looked for such a thing long ago. Highly recommended.
  • Or.. Pro TIP: get [Firegestures] and assign mouse stroke {up/down} [Scroll to Top/Bottom]...Now you don't have to use slow noobflow browsing methods. No offense addon developer, but maybe this addon should be in a handicap section ...as their are always better and faster/ more efficient ways of doing things. Going into [rmb] context menu>move mouse>select top/bottom... is more effort than just using keyboard[Home/End]/Mouse gesturing alternatives(Of which I've just provided) I guess Firefox4 is not only being designed for noobs in its dumbification, but even the addons are.. sad downfall FF is going to have.