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Hvorfor blev MathML-fonts lavet?

Many users that do not have the appropriate mathematical fonts installed complain about the quality of Mozilla's MathML rendering. Although the solution is to install them from the MDN wiki, the procedure is not necessarily easy for everybody and it is somewhat simpler to just install this add-on. Automatic updates will also help people to keep the latest recommended fonts.

This add-on is a response to many bug reports such as

Hvad kommer som det næste for MathML-fonts

The Mozilla MathML Project continues to improve support for mathematical fonts:


When new free mathematical fonts are supported, they will be integrated in the add-on. A possible future feature would be to provide a preference menu to choose the default fonts for mathematics.

Om udviklerne

Information om udvikleren
Navn Frédéric Wang
Hjemmeside http://www.maths-informatique-jeux.com/blog/frederic/
Bruger siden October 16, 2010
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Information om udvikleren
Navn Bill G.
Hjemmeside http://www.wg9s.com/
Bruger siden April 26, 2007
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