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  • Расширение нужно всего один раз, но за этот раз с его помощью настраивается всё, что нужно и в дальнейшем работает как требуется!
  • Find content across multiple windows.
  • "Search Multi Tabs" cannot be used as a replacement... actually "Search Multi Tabs" cannot search only in the current tab, it has to search through all tabs... I have more than 200 tabs opened in my session... Imagine it.

    What I really search for is an extension which shows all occurrences of the search in a graphical way on the left of the page, like FindBar Tweak could do. This allows to quickly see where are located the occurrences in the web page.
  • Search Multi Tabs can be used to search across multiple tabs:


    HighlightAll can be used to give graphical search markers on the tab you search on:


    Note: I find you have to click once on the page after doing a search to make search markers show up on the right-hand side.
  • so sad :( one of my favourite addons - now gone...
  • Best Addon ever. Simple but very useful. Its just too bad there is no further development.
  • Excellent plugin
  • One of the best add ons available! Just needs updating so it works well with the new Firefox
  • I miss that addon in FF 57+(((
  • At least can someone provide us with a way to get rid of the f*cken quickfind bar and use the regular findbar when you "find as you type"? Through css or some other way? And also toggle the findbar with cmd-f. Mental midgetry at Mozilla is f*cken off the wall sometimes.
  • When will the update come 57+ :(
  • I loved this add-on! So sad it is not compatible with the new version of Firefox, Firefox Quantum, which I also think is wonderful! I hope a new version of Findbar Tweak can be created!
  • Thanks for one of my favorite extensions. Please, update it for Firefox 57.
  • Merci pour cette extension, Je suis impatient de la retrouver fonctionnelle pour Firefox 57
  • Thank you for your work! I'm looking forward to updating for the new Firefox!

    Something the developer has completely forgotten about his offspring.
    Can anyone know the analogs?
  • So useful addon, please, make another for ver.57 and so on!!! :-(
    Need it so much!
  • As Firefox now fading I switched to Waterfox 64-bit and it accepts all add-ons.
    Running 100% w/o any issues at all.
  • Thank you for all of your hard work on this add-on. It's a shame that Mozilla has decided to hasten the death of Firefox by making a once great customizable browser to a dumbed down clone of Google Chrome
  • Have to Ctrl^F 2 more times so that the Next and Previous button become enable.
  • Have used this Add-on for years but the Find Next and Find Previous arrows within the Find Bar are greyed-out and renders this Add-on as unusable. I wish there was a fix for this so I can continue using it with FF 55. Thanks!!

    Otherwise, this is one of my favorite add-ons since search engines no longer highlight cached keywords which makes this Add-on a must.
  • I like the instant opening when you start typing.
  • Still working great on Firefox 52 ESR. Thank you for you effort.
  • Thank you so much for this addon, you did a real great job that make many people love Firefox. So bad it gonna end, everyone gonna leave Firefox...
  • With each new Fx release, this extension works less reliably. I know it is not the developer's fault and it's a shame it will no longer be available after Fx v57.

    It was great while it lasted ... Thank you for creating it!
  • I use this tool regularly.