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Purge Events Plus Vyžaduje restart

Purge events from Sunbird and Lightning files and thereby cleanes the calendar

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TotalQuickFilter Vyžaduje restart

Reboot the QuickFilter bar.

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Feedly Synchronizer

Synchronize your favorite RSS sources with Thundebird and Feedly

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Inbox Cleaner of expired Emails Vyžaduje restart

Moves expired Emails out of your Inbox!

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Count Filters Vyžaduje restart

This add-on provides various search filters couting values, such as total number of recipients, or number of lines, words,links in body message.

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QuickArchiver Vyžaduje restart

Clean up your inbox! While moving a mail the first time, QuickArchiver remembers the destination folder and enables you to move further mails with a single click. You can apply rules by sender, recipient and subject.

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Delete Only Empty Folder Vyžaduje restart

Disallows to delete not-empty mail folders.

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Mark GMail Read

Automatically marks all messages in the [Gmail] folder and all subfolders as read.

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This addon extends filtering to read messages downloaded during an IMAP synchronization (bug 308148)

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SavedSearchInSubFolders Vyžaduje restart

This addon allows virtual folders (saved searches) to automatically process all subfolders of their selected target folders.
The search targets are updated automatically whenever a new folder is added, or a virtual folder is updated.

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Shedule Filters Vyžaduje restart

Sheduled run message filters

Запуск фильтров сообщений по расписанию

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This addon adds an entry in the right-click menu which re-threads selected messages together (groups selected messages into the same thread)". This is done by _modifying_ messages; the author of the addon declines any responsibility for data loss.

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EuropeanMX Spam Reporter Vyžaduje restart

Train your EuropeanMX filter by reporting unrecognized spam or false-positives back to us.

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IMAP Draft Unread Vyžaduje restart

This is a Thunderbird addon that lets you customize the behavior of the IMAP draft unread messages. No more new mail notifications for your drafts!!

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Protected E-mail Addresses Vyžaduje restart

Generates protected and disposable e-mail addresses and filters junk mail sent to invalid addresses.

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SmartFilters Vyžaduje restart

Tired of writing a lot of filters? Install SmartFilters now to organise your mailbox automatically. It can sort out your mailing lists and robot emails.

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Quick Folder Key Navigation Vyžaduje restart

This extension makes it possible to quickly navigate to a particular folder in the folder pane simply by typing the first few letters of the folder name when the folder pane has focus.

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Reply Monitor Vyžaduje restart

**This is NOT COMPATIBLE with Thunderbird 31 or newer versions**
Keep track of your emails and replies (Lightning is required).
Note: the name of this add-on has been changed to Reply Monitor because the previous name is a registered trademark.

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Adds personal filters to quickfilter toolbar

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attachment column in search result list Vyžaduje restart

Show the column for attachments in search results list. General search (edit-> search -> search emails) does not show by default if a message has attachments.
This addon adds this column, just as in a normal folder view.

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