SyncKolab can synchronize your calendar, address book and tasks against an IMAP server in Kolab formats version 1 (vCard/iCal) or version 2 (XML) or turn your Thunderbird/Lightning into a native Kolab Client (http://kolab.org).

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Akualizováno December 7, 2014


Zobrazit narozeniny z adresáře Thunderbirda jako událost v Blesku.

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Akualizováno November 7, 2014


Adds a toolbar button to expand address book lists to its recipients - useful to stripe out some of them when sending mail...

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Akualizováno August 26, 2014

Contact Tabs

Contact Tabs enhances Thunderbird to give you quick access to all your contacts directly from Thunderbird's main window: Use the powerful search field to find your contacts and open them in a new tab for viewing and editing.

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Akualizováno August 1, 2014

Display Contact Photo

Zobrazí foto / obraz odesílatele / příjemce při čtení či psaní zprávy. Podporuje fotografie do místní složky a 'fotografii tváře' v záhlaví emailové zprávy. Doplněk přidává nové fotografie a mnoho možností.

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Akualizováno July 28, 2014

EmailPicky 4

Grab email addresses from emails from any selected Email Folder and add them to your contacts. (Email Crawler / Email ID Grabber / Bounced email collector) - Thunderbird Plugin

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Akualizováno July 16, 2014

Addressbooks Default Search Nevyžaduje restart

Provides ability to set default search query for address books.

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Akualizováno June 11, 2014

LDAP - View Groups Members

Allow the user to view the members of the LDAP directories in the addressbook

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Akualizováno May 12, 2014

Serial Letter

Provides the ability to start writing a template-derived letter directly from within the address book. Supports also multiple recipients. Supports only TeX and similar systems at the moment.

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Akualizováno April 26, 2014

CALDAV - Search/Subscribe

Add CalDAV search & subscribe feature to Lightning

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Akualizováno April 7, 2014

DM Sync

This plugin allows you to synchronize addressbooks and contacts stored on the DM mail server

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Akualizováno March 6, 2014


Scan'Mail is a QR Code generator that allows you to transfer easily information from your mail client to your mobile phone.

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Akualizováno January 9, 2014

Awesome ldapInfoShow Nevyžaduje restart

Show contact photo and other info from Local Dir, Addressbook, LDAP, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Gravatar etc

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Akualizováno January 6, 2014

sipgateFFX for Firefox and Thunderbird

The sipgate extension enables a practical overview for your account, direct call list notifcations, a speed access to several parts of sipgate's website, initiaiting click2dial calls, sending messages and faxes directly from your browser.

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Akualizováno December 3, 2013

OBM Connector

OBM Lightning Calendar and addressbooks connector

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Akualizováno October 25, 2013

Google Contacts

Access to Google contacts and synchronize them with Thunderbird address books.

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Akualizováno June 20, 2013

LDAP Contact Photo

Show contact photo stored in LDAP directory

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Akualizováno May 10, 2013


Email organized around the people you care about.

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Akualizováno February 26, 2013


While you're surfing your favorite pages/topics on the web TipTopic informs you on who else is browsing the same pages/topics and is interested in/ available for discussion. Enjoy live dialog with your favorite topic followers while surfing the web!

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Akualizováno February 5, 2013

yangben dictionnary

spell check for Yangben Cameroun

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Akualizováno December 30, 2012