Too Many Recipients Vyžaduje restart

Contourne la limite du nombre de destinataires/e-mail des serveurs SMTP.
Gets around the limit on the number of recipients/e-mail of SMTP servers.
Evita la limitación de número de destinatarios/e-mail del servidor SMTP.

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1 789 uživatelů
Přidáno December 13, 2012

Opacus SugarCRM 6.2+ Thunderbird Integration Pro Vyžaduje restart

SugarCRM 6.2.0-7.6.x/SuiteCRM 7.x Integration for Thunderbird

Enables archiving of emails into SugarCRM and SuiteCRM from Thunderbird. Requires a purchased license key (you can request a trial from within the extension).

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559 uživatelů
Přidáno November 23, 2012

CRM-Integration FreePBX-Swiss Vyžaduje restart

Arbeiten Sie Integriert mit FreePBX-Swiss und OMP24-CRM

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36 uživatelů
Přidáno November 12, 2012

MRC Compose Vyžaduje restart

Remplace la liste d'adresses par les champs standards (Pour, Copie à, Copie cachée à) avec l'autocomplétion.
Provides standards fields (TO, CC, BCC) with autocomplete to Thunderbird's compose pane.
For bug reports, please use support email.

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Přidáno November 2, 2012

Security Settings from Address Book Vyžaduje restart

Sets message security (sign/encrypt) when sending or saving messages based on recipients' address book entry's field "Custom1".

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Přidáno October 12, 2012

Additional Chat Protocols for Thunderbird Vyžaduje restart

Add support for chat protocols implemented in libpurple.

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Přidáno September 24, 2012

LDAP Contact Photo Vyžaduje restart

Show contact photo stored in LDAP directory

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Přidáno August 14, 2012

printplus Vyžaduje restart

PDF export support by Gecko.

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Přidáno July 28, 2012

Viadeo Tab Vyžaduje restart

Cette extension ajoute le réseau social français, Viadeo, un bouton d'accès à ouverture simple et rapide dans Thunderbird.
D'autres médias sociaux sont disponibles également.

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Přidáno June 8, 2012

LDAP - View Groups Members Vyžaduje restart

Allow the user to view the members of the LDAP directories in the addressbook

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Přidáno June 1, 2012

Crmthdb Lite ZohoCRM Thunderbird Extension Vyžaduje restart

Connect Thunderbird and share mails with ZohoCRM. The Lite version lets you display contacts of Zoho CRM inside Thunderbird. The full version on http://sites.google.com/site/crmthdb lets you archive your mails and add contacts into Zoho CRM.

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Přidáno April 9, 2012

CALDAV - Search/Subscribe Vyžaduje restart

Add CalDAV search & subscribe feature to Lightning

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Přidáno March 22, 2012

TipTopic Vyžaduje restart

While you're surfing your favorite pages/topics on the web TipTopic informs you on who else is browsing the same pages/topics and is interested in/ available for discussion. Enjoy live dialog with your favorite topic followers while surfing the web!

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Přidáno March 4, 2012

Custom Address Sidebar Vyžaduje restart

Allow you to help address sidebar more useful.

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Přidáno February 6, 2012

OpenERP Plugin Vyžaduje restart

OpenERP Thunderbird Integration for version starting from 6.1.

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Přidáno December 26, 2011

Address Cleaner Replying Vyžaduje restart

A display name is erased when an e-mail screen is opened.

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Přidáno November 23, 2011

Mail Miner Vyžaduje restart

Automatically adds incoming e-mail addresses to a chosen address book, while fetching data via web services like Rapleaf and Qwerly.

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Přidáno September 30, 2011

Export for Thunderbird & Lightning Launcher Vyžaduje restart

Export for Thunderbird & Lightning is the worldwide unique printing and exporting solution for Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning for Windows.
Multi lingual user interface: English, German, French and Spanish

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Přidáno July 11, 2011

conceptERP Kontaktimport Vyžaduje restart

Importiert Kontakte aus conceptERP in das Adressbuch.

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Přidáno June 30, 2011

Opacus SugarCRM (5.5 to 6.1) Professional Vyžaduje restart

Enables archiving of emails into SugarCRM (v5.5 to v6.1) from Thunderbird. Important: This add-on requires a licence key (request a trial from within the extension). Please visit http://www.opacus.co.uk/opacus-thunderbird-extensions for details.

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Přidáno May 23, 2011