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Execute JS Vyžaduje restart

Execute JS is a enhanced JavaScript-Console, where you can comfortably enter and execute arbitrary JavaScript-Code and modify functions...

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Akualizováno Říj. 20, 2010

IMEStatus Vyžaduje restart

Show IME status by input/textarea/textbox background color.

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Akualizováno Říj. 11, 2010


Personasizer allows you to expose more of your persona's header image. Useful for personas that have text or an important part of their content cut off by the browser's navigation elements.

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Akualizováno Zář. 29, 2010

BorderColors Vyžaduje restart

Color-codes compose windows depending the active e-mail identity, to avoid sending messages from the wrong account.

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Akualizováno Zář. 11, 2010

notto Vyžaduje restart

Do not send mail to the addresses found into notTo field.

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Akualizováno Zář. 8, 2010

EMail Address Crawler Vyžaduje restart

Automatically fill your address books or send mass mails with e-mail addresses extracted from all your e-mails.

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Akualizováno Zář. 7, 2010

SendVia Vyžaduje restart

Sometimes you need to select a specific SMTP server for sending the current message? Then SendVia is for you.

SendVia provides the `Send' button of message composition windows with a drop-down menu from which you can select or create the SMTP server...

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Akualizováno Srp. 27, 2010

Flat Folder Tree Vyžaduje restart

Selectively breakout or promote sub-folders under an intermediate folder in the folder tree. Use with IMAP servers where some folders remain collapsed under special namespace like [Gmail] or the INBOX itself.

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Akualizováno Srp. 18, 2010

MailClassifier Vyžaduje restart

The mailclassifier extension helps you to move the email in the right folder, it uses multi-level bayesian filtering...

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Akualizováno Srp. 11, 2010

Indian Language Transliterator Vyžaduje restart

Indian Language Transliterator (developed at IIIT Hyderabad, India) is a Mozilla Thunderbird Add-on, developed to enable Thunderbird users to compose and send messages in 10 Regional Indian Languages, using their regular QWERTY keyboard!!!

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Akualizováno Srp. 4, 2010

External Email Alert Vyžaduje restart

Alerts user to confirm that it is ok to send an external email.

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Akualizováno Čec. 27, 2010

parolu Vyžaduje restart

Parolu enables Firefox to do speech synthesis of web pages written in Esperanto, useful for the blind (mainmenu.parolu) and for language learners (contextmenu.parolu). You'll need to install MBROLA on your machine first.

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Akualizováno Čec. 26, 2010

THUNDER!Box Vyžaduje restart

Thunder!Box allows transferring contacts from your Thunderbird-Addressbook to the phonebook of a connected AVM FRITZ!Box FON router and back. You may also use your addressbook to initiate calls.

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Akualizováno Čec. 26, 2010

eMarks Vyžaduje restart

Email Bookmarks are here ! ... eMark your important emails.

Do you have an email that will need to revisit/attend later on ? Would you like to keep it handy and get it with a simple click ? Bookmark your important emails with the eMarks addon.

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Akualizováno Čec. 12, 2010

accountex Vyžaduje restart

Export/Import Account Settings.....

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Akualizováno Čec. 2, 2010

AddressBook In Mode ToolBar Vyžaduje restart

Add adressbook button to "mode toolbar" (requires lightning extention)

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Akualizováno Čer. 29, 2010

ThunderCal Vyžaduje restart

ThunderCal simply gives you a toolbar button that you can use to run Google Calendar inside Thunderbird. Inspired by the ThunderWave add-on.

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Akualizováno Čer. 23, 2010

Color Source Vyžaduje restart

Add syntax highlighting of code in various languages to email messages via context menu.

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Akualizováno Čer. 22, 2010

MarkSubfolders Vyžaduje restart

This Add-on provide ability to mark as read subfolders.

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Akualizováno Čer. 14, 2010

SmartTemplate Vyžaduje restart

This Add-on provides the smart and simple templates and abilities to customize the quote header flexibly.
Templates can be inserted automatically at the new/repling/forwarding message. A different template can be used respectively per account.

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Akualizováno Čer. 10, 2010