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Message Level Authentication Vyžaduje restart

Authenticates mail from Message Level Network users, Mail Reputation provided by Sender Score for each message and Anti-Phishing Data from PhishTank. Registration is FREE but not required...

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SyncMab Vyžaduje restart

This extensions can import and export mozilla address books at startup and exit of Thunderbird. You can first save a mab at a specific location e.g. on a network or the internet (Version 2.0) and then let it be updated every time TB starts up or...

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Extension Manager Extended Vyžaduje restart

Use the Addon Manager to view the id, date installed, compatible application versions, and the folder of an extension or theme. Check http://extended.spanglerco.com for more information and http://firefox.spanglerco.com for more extensions...

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mouseless Vyžaduje restart

I did my best so that operation might be possible with a keyboard...

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Show Fixed-width Temporarily Vyžaduje restart

Show the current plain text message in fixed-width text.

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Exit Button Thunderbird Vyžaduje restart

Adds a toolbar button to exit Thunderbird. Go to View menu, Toolbars, Customize... and drag the icon where you want...

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FavLoc Vyžaduje restart

FavLoc allows you to set folders as "favorite locations" to which you can easily download. FavLoc menus will appear on the File menu (for saving pages), the context menu (for saving images and links), and on the download...

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Fritz!BoxDial Vyžaduje restart

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Remember Mismatched Domains Vyžaduje restart

The Remember Mismatched Domains extension for Firefox and Thunderbird adds a "Don't warn me again about this certificate for this domain" checkbox to the Domain Mismatch and Expired Certificate warning windows. When selected the domain...

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NewsWorthy for Thunderbird 1.5 Vyžaduje restart

Making Thunderbird newsworthy (Usenet client support)...

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Identity Select Vyžaduje restart

This extension allows you to choose the identity of your new email from a popup menu directly from the Write button. This feature behaves in a similar manner as the Get Mail pulldown menu. In addition, the default behavior of the Write button is...

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Identity Reminder Vyžaduje restart

How many times have you sent out an email and forgotten to set the appropriate email identity? Over and over I send out an email from the wrong address and promise myself I'll never forget again and from now on, I will make sure to set the...

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MinimizeToTray Vyžaduje restart

Minimizes Mozilla windows into the system tray. Also includes a right clickable tray icon menu to further load only the windows you want visible...

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Update Notifier Vyžaduje restart

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try Add-on Update Checker instead.

Notifies you when updates are available for your extensions and themes.

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Email Notification Randomizer Vyžaduje restart

Extension to randomize the email notification sound. Each time an email is received, the configured email notification sound is updated from the set of wav files in the configured folder...

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Allow Local Addresses Vyžaduje restart

Allows Thunderbird to send to addresses without a domain, for corporate / intranet use...

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MR Tech - Gant Icon Pack Vyžaduje restart

This icon pack is specifically designed to replace the menu icons supplied by MR Tech Local Install (should work with my MR Tech About:About 2.x & Toggle Preview Pane extensions too). As a request from Frackounet (French locale translator) I...

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Options Menu Vyžaduje restart

Quick access to extension options dialogs

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Fast Mail Redirect Vyžaduje restart

Allows the fast redirection of emails...

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Reply In Group Vyžaduje restart

Adds "Reply In Group" and "Reply to sender" toolbar buttons to the main window. So it's easier to reply in Usenet...

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