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Love the XPath support, I worry it's not "user friendly" enough, but with some XPath knowledge you can selectively block annoying ads with ease.

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Still no Palemoon support? mozilla continues to make bad UI decisions with every new version, Palemoon is pretty buch Firefox but with a carefully selected feature set for a better user experience. Please Kim, its been long time coming, add support so we can enjoy your work in the more user conscious and friendly Palemoon browser.

Check out version 0.3.5!

Palemoon was added in version 0.3.5:

You may have to download it, before installing!?

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Brilliant addon, just thought id drop by and give this addon the 5 stars it deserves. Although i have been meaning to leave this review for many months now.
Great addon, very simple to use. Well recommended above all the others that try, but don't even come close to this great addon.
Keep up the great work guys.

The mother of all DOM tweaking Addons Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

The Idea is that of RIP or AdBlock + Element Hiding Helper: Remove elements fom the page (But YaRIP is simpler to use).

Select elements to remove (or to whitelist) and the addon autogenerates XPaths, which then can be edited by hand (often not necessary). A basic knowledge of XPath, eg the XPath Syntax tutorial at w3schools, is enough. YaRIP also supports regular expressions.

It is also possible to change incoming and outgoing headers, block ressources from being loaded, redirect pages, tweak the page stream before it is loaded, inject CSS and Javascript, and more.

Page rules can be extended, so that generic rules do not have to be defined more than once.

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First off Im now in love, you are a genius. I tried for hours to write an Xpath for that site and got nowhere, and I'm a programmer too I just had no clue where to go with the syntax. As for making your plugin do keyword filtering, it would be amazing but I see now that the xpath would change dramatically for every different site so it might be impossible to come up with a generic way to filter elements based on keywords. There are addons that will block an entire page based on keywords, but I would say thats not an ideal solution if all you want to block is news that includes the word "Beiber" :)

Thanks for the addon, I'm gonna start trying to teach myself xpath syntax now!

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seems to work as expected. i removed the nasty header and footer on some sites and it works just as good as adblock element hiding helper. hows the performance difference between the two?

ok after using this addon might slow down the browser a bit, it also only hides the elements and doesn´t stop them from loading. i´ve found abetter solution. it still works though so 4 stars.

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Thanks for your quick response. There are a few issues though:

- the 'Add to Firefox' button for 0.3.5 is greyed out ('Not available for Firefox 24.9').
- I looked at the website's source so I could grab the XPI anyway, after installing I noticed that half the context menu is missing: I tested it again with all other addons disabled.

YARIP 0.3.5
Pale Moon 25.1.0 (x64)

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Problem located

I found the problem and will make a new version available in the beginning of January.

YARIP removes unwanted web page elements "permanently", AND remembers them Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

There are two "Remove-it Permanently" plug-ins for Firefox: YARIP by Kim Brandt, and RIP by Jerome O'Flaherty. I installed both into Firefox v34 and YARIP wins. It appears to be more feature-rich and it actually remembers your removals on future page re-loads, which RIP does not. A must-have plug-in now that more and more web pages are adding "please donate money" and similar clutter. Very nice for setting up a clean and simple Home page with only the search bar.

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Amazing add-on.

I do have a question though... Is there a way to simply make an element invisible instead of removing it?

Style page

You can use `Style page' from the Yarip context-menu and set `visibility: hidden':

div {
visibility: hidden !important;

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don't work on PaleMoon-25 despite all that's needed for fix is just add support for a one more app guid.

4 more stars still awaiting for fix :)

Use older version of Palemoon for this add-on to work. Or Firefox. Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

For Palemoon continue to use version 24.7.2
Many add-ons don't work in vs 25 or 25.01, not just this one.

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fix required for Pale Moon v.25 Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

Confirming previous poster's observation that the add-on is broken in Pale Moon v.25. Hope a fix will be made available because it's a great tool

the most usefull tool on the internet Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
I can finally read a news article in peace. It is amazing how little content if left after removing all of the clutter.

QUESTION, is there a way to put a master rip in for things like "sidebar" and all of the "share this/facebook" BS.?

You're welcome.

Yes, there is.

You're asking for: Page extension

1) Create a new page (context-menu > Yarip > Create page...)
2) Give it a special name (e.g. `remove-social.yarip')
3) Create your rules and put them in the special page
4) Extend the special-page for any pages that have some ignoring social-stuff

Maybe you'd also like to try: Content whitelist / exclusive

1) Create a new page for the currently visited page (showing social-stuff)
2) `Add' a content-whitelist-rule (page-manager > Content > Whitelist) for the page
3) Check the `Exclusive'-checkbox in the lower right
4) Open the page-monitor (<ctrl> + <m>; on the visited page) and reload the page
5) Right-click > Whitelist content; for any content that is required by the page to properly display/work

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could you add an "undo last rip" function like R.I.P. had so you don't have to open the manager to undo a mistake

Context-Menu -> Yarip > Undo

Right-click on the page, then `Yarip' and then `Undo', should do it.

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Excellent add-on. Now I can remove unnecessary and disturbing parts of a webpage.

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Great add-on.
One question:
using Palemoon (Firefox fork) is working also good,
except it is blocking status pop-up a the bottom.
Is there a way to allow this ?


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Easy to use, powerful.

Thank you very much

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Removed a sidebar chat on a website for me, now the main information is full page width, Thank You!

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Great work! I was able to banish an annoying element on a particular website with this tool, which also works on every page.

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that great.
how hide text in textarea
that give me this but i dont know how hide that text inside that

edit:thank you for replay
but it not work
in this url i want hide text inside multifile check

edit2:thank you now work


Try //textarea[@id='id_textarea']/text()


OK, try a right-click on the element, then `Yarip' > `TEXTAREA' > `Script element' and replace the function-example with the following:

function (array) {
array[0].value = ""; // set value of element to empty string