If I Were a Teacher, I'd Give it an A+ Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Best in class. I've tried several other stand-alone screen capture programs and a handful of Firefox and Chrome add-ons. Awesome Screenshot is the Cadillac of the bunch; the others are broken down Studebakers and Edsels that haven't started in ages. It gives you the option of selecting a portion of a page, saving what is visible in your browser or capturing whole pages...great for websites with entries (like blogs) that are a long way to the bottom. After that, you can do all sorts of stuff with the screen capture to make it your own. Use any color to annotate, draw attention to with arrows, crop any part of the page, blur out any part (maybe your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend in an otherwise great photograph). There are lots more features that I haven't gotten into yet. I've had it for two weeks now, and it is not a memory hog, has never locked up and refused to move, or worse. (I have Windows 7 sp1 64-bit.) This is a solid, quality add-on with a cavalcade of features. Another benefit, if you are a member of Diigo (free to sign up) when you can send the pages directly there - in the cloud. If I were a teacher, I'd give it an A+.

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