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If this would work I might like it better. It says in the Wiki I can type in an email and password to access a calendar but for the life of me I must be blind. I cannot find anywhere in the interface to enter the email and password in to my other Google calendar.


I want to access a friend's calendar I have access too, but I am asked for a password!

No problem! As long as you have this calendar added in the Google Calendar web interface, just enter the email address and password for your own Google account.


It seems to latch on the the Gmail account set up in Tbird which is my business account. I use a smart phone for which I have a separate Google account and I need to sync to that calendar not my business calendar which I never use. I assume the instruction to "access a friend's calendar" is no different than accessing another calendar of my own.

So please some one tell me where I enter this email and password??? As you can see the Wiki says I can but does not have any instructions as to HOW ???

It would seem to me this should be a basic configuration option located some where easy to find!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (0.25).