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I don't know where to report a little bug, but there's an annoying behavior when waiting for the persona to load as preview.

You go to Personas Plus' Add-ons bar icon, then click on "Featured", choose any and wait it to load as a preview. The footer image will load in a blink on an eye. However the header image won't load. You have to select any other persona and back to the first selected persona to have both header & footer loaded.

I'm using Personas Plus on Mozilla Firefox 23 over Windows XP Professional SP3 — This issue's at least 1 year old though.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you very, very much indeed for updating locale versions and fixing the missing statusbar icon in Thunderbird!!!

Yes, you did it!! That was the only little thing Personas Plus needed to be such a perfect add-on. You can't imagine how happy I feel when folks like you are so effective doing these stuffs within just a few days…

Thanks as for listening me and updating locales as for fixing the missing icon issue in Thunderbird. You're doing an incredible favor to all localizers and Thunderbird users around the globe. ;)

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Hi there. I'm a localizer of Personas Plus.

After Personas Plus 1.6.2 was released, I made some little corrections to my localization through BabelZilla. I though these corrections will be part of an update, i.e. 1.6.3. But I see you people only fixed some security issues —which are VERY, VERY IMPORTANT, of course!— but it would be so nice if in next release you include the updated l10n strings too.

One different subject now: the Personas Plus icon for the status bar is gone in Thunderbird.

Thanks for keeping the good work!

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What happened with the compatibility with Thunderbird 15? :(

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