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Jméno fingerssfv
Umístění Los Angeles
Zaměstnání Student/Drug Counselor
Zaregistrován(a) od October 6, 2010
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I had a career in the Construction field, but injuries (and age) caused me to reconsider and decide on a career change. I chose to return to college and get into the field I always had a passion for (Drug Counselor). Although counseling is not the greatest job when it comes to pay, Social Work is still a major plan in my long term goals.

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betterFox - Make browsing experience 15% faster.

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The reason Firefox was created was because of the sh*tty IE, right? That's why I changed over to Firefox years ago and haven't looked back since. I know IE will never improve so much that it overcomes Firefox, so I can rest easier for that.

Firefox continuing to improve upon their technology makes it difficult for me to rate it any less than 5 Stars. Not trying to blow smoke, either. The difference was so severe that I'm still blown away by how easy it is to have an OS that can work and not be trouble for the user.

Although Chrome is a great browser, there are still qualities in Firefox that it continues to outpace the competition. I do not normally give a rating higher than a 4 Star, but as stated earlier, I found no reasonable cause to downgrade the OS. I'm stoked. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have it running faster, so if there was a need for improvement, this would be a nice choice. Thank you for the dedication.

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tattoo passion_13

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nice, sharp focused and great tats!