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lolifox - Fierr MOD Vyžaduje restart

Replaces the error page with a lolifox appearance with additional features.

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SmoothWheel Vyžaduje restart

Scrolls the page smoothly when scrolling the mouse wheel (or keyboard arrows if enabled).

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ConQuery Vyžaduje restart

Context searching for everyone and URL manipulation tool for advanced users...

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Zobrazuje vlajky, které znázorňují aktuální umístění serverů, na kterých se pohybujete, a poskytuje vám velké množství nástrojů, jako jsou bezpečnostní kontroly, whois, překlady, vyhledávání podobných stránek, validace, zkrácení URL adres a další...

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Кто украл мои картинки?

Поиск копий изображений с помощью сервисов Яндекс.Картинки, Tineye.com, Baidu.com, Google.com и VK.com

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Advanced Dork: Vyžaduje restart

Advanced Dork: gives quick access to Google's Advanced Operators directly from the context menu...

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WikiLook Vyžaduje restart

Leading dictionary lookup add-on. Fast, light, open source tool that define words for you without need to open new tabs or windows. Wiktionary&Wikipedia.

Ctrl or Shift or Alt + RightMouseButton click. Now with thesaurus.

70+ languages supported!

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AutoPager Vyžaduje restart

AutoPager automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a page. It works on a ton of sites,Google,Yahoo..
It works well with most other add-ons adblock plus, WOT and most of the greasemonkey scripts.
You can also try AutoPagerLite.

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googlebar Vyžaduje restart

The original (though unofficial) Google toolbar for Firefox, with an emphasis on easy access to many types of specialized searches.

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QuickDrag Vyžaduje restart

Extends the function of the drag-and-drop mouse gesture so that it can be used to load URLs, do a web search of selected text on a page, or save an image on a page. The successor to Super DragAndGo.

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DMOZ Bookmarks Vyžaduje restart

Download any dmoz category to your browser bookmarks.

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Zorcher Vyžaduje restart

Výběr malého textu na stránce nemusí kopírovat to do vyhledávacího řádku vašeho prohlížeče nebo vyhledávač. Stačí stisknout pravé tlačítko myši a vyberte z vyhledávací služby dostupné seznamu.

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RSE Tools Vyžaduje restart

Tools for working with rapidshare and links from other popular file hosting and sharing services.
Features: get rapidshare links from a page, test selected rapidshare links, search rapidshare files for selected terms, etc.

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Multi Web Search Vyžaduje restart

For those who are looking for and want to find!
Find the most relevant information from the Web with a single request to different search engines and get the results on a single page

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mid Vyžaduje restart

More than 2000 dictionaries in 270 Kilobyte! Search multiple dictionaries at once!

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WikiSearch Vyžaduje restart

Search Wikipedia through the context menu.

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Paste to Tab and Go Vyžaduje restart

Paste URL or text to any tabs or a new tab and load it immediately, like 'Paste & Go' feature, but unlike 'Paste & Go', this extension will paste text from clipboard to a tab without focusing on the tab first.

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Versions (wfx_Versions) Vyžaduje restart

Allows you to find out the current version number of any program downloadable online. Emulates the behavior of Versions (© Fabio Chelly) file-system plugin for Total Commander (© Christian Ghisler).

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Whois & Flags Firefox & Websites Popularity Rating Vyžaduje restart

Display Country Flag indicating Website Physical Location (Country, State, City). Website Popularity (Live Visitor Statistics). Shows how many users are visiting any World Website per day. Website IP IPv6 Addresses, DNS, Hosting. IP Whois Lookup

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Live HTTP Headers (Fixed By ITWorld.com.pk) Vyžaduje restart

View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing.
Live HTTP Header Fix By Danyial ITs Working On Firefox Again Fixed Reply Problem

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