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clamdrib LIN

"clamdrib LIN" ist wie der Name schon sagt die Weiterentwicklung des Add-on clamdrib, allerdings nur noch für Linux. Sämtliche E-Mails, Feeds und News werden auf Viren und anderes Ungeziefer geprüft und gemeldet. Gelöscht wird hierbei jedoch nichts!

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Přidáno February 25, 2015

Forecastfox (fix version)

Get international weather forecasts from and display them in any toolbar or statusbar with this highly customizable and unobtrusive extension.

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Přidáno February 6, 2015


Easily and quickly to encrypt / decrypt
For users: private messages via e-mail, blogs, social networks, forums, etc.
For webmasters: websites, images, photos, etc.
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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Přidáno January 2, 2015

ksbtechies Nevyžaduje restart

Displays latest ksbtehchies News in a popup widget
Get all the Latest ksbtehchies News headline with a single click.

Opens a popup widget with the latest news headlines.

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Přidáno December 14, 2014

YouTube Flash Video Player Nevyžaduje restart

YouTube Flash Video Player is a powerful tool that will let you choose Flash video player as default YouTube video player.

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Přidáno October 13, 2014

DPMenu - Menu

Dodatek dodający szybkie menu portalu

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Přidáno November 10, 2013

Практическая Бухгалтерия

Практическая Бухгалтерия

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Přidáno October 18, 2013

Búsqueda en la barra de direcciones en Twitter Nevyžaduje restart

Mozilla Firefox con Twitter te conecta instantáneamente con lo que está sucediendo en el mundo.
Busca personas y temas en Twitter usando @ y # desde la barra de direcciones.

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Přidáno June 11, 2013


NiceReader is designed for web reading.You can customize font, color, background and size, etc, specify that interested you by selection tool. Can filiter the ad using high zIndex, iframe, mouse event, and clear the ad strings in text.

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Přidáno May 15, 2013

AlexaTopSites Nevyžaduje restart

This add-on provides quick access to Alexa's Top Sites.

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Přidáno April 1, 2013

Select Search Shop Nevyžaduje restart

Select Search Shop : select text and Search in different shops.
1. Select: Select product name/text
2. Search: Click on right click and search in different top shops.
3. Shop: Shop/Buy the product.
4. Get products at low price & Save Money.

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Přidáno December 4, 2012

CX CallBook

Guía de radioaficionados uruguayos

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Přidáno May 26, 2012

Email this page

Simple SeaMonkey Email this page button

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Přidáno May 17, 2012


While you're surfing your favorite pages/topics on the web TipTopic informs you on who else is browsing the same pages/topics and is interested in/ available for discussion. Enjoy live dialog with your favorite topic followers while surfing the web!

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Přidáno March 4, 2012


Bypasses DNS-based censorship

NOTE: This was created as a SOPA protest in 2012. This does not work anymore for most sites. Use Tor instead.

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Přidáno January 4, 2012

Screengrab (fix version)

Screengrab! saves webpages as images.
0.98 released!
New features: upload to internet

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Přidáno December 29, 2011


Helps to add emails more easily to your calendar. Suggests date and time information based on email content when converting to an event or a task. Depends on Lightning addon for calendaring.

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Přidáno December 7, 2011

Perapera Japanese-Russian Dictionary File

This is additional dictionary file for use with the Perapera Japanese Pop-up Dictionary add-on.

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Přidáno October 22, 2011

Perapera Japanese-French Dictionary File

This is additional dictionary file for use with the Perapera Japanese Pop-up Dictionary add-on.

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Přidáno October 22, 2011

Perapera Japanese-German Dictionary File

This is additional dictionary file for use with the Perapera Japanese Pop-up Dictionary add-on.

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Přidáno October 22, 2011