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WebPG for Mozilla

An extension which provides GnuPG/GPG/PGP related functions to Moizilla Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey

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This extension packages versions of the CamStudio recorder application and the XVID Codec. It is primarily intended to be used with the screen capture feature of the Video DownloadHelper add-on, when on Windows.

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Duplicate Tab Blocker Nevyžaduje restart

Prevent duplicate tabs. Allow only one tab for a url. If you click a link that is already opened in a tab, then existing tab would be focused instead of opening a new tab. This works even across firefox windows.

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Whois Lookup & Hosting & DNS & Site Flags Firefox

IP Whois Lookup & Website Reviews & Rating. Display country flag indicating website location. Alexa and Norton Antivirus Site Adviser. Supported: GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions, Dotster, 1and1, NameCheap, Register, Yahoo, 123-Reg, FatCow, Enom, FastHosts.

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TotalSpoof Nevyžaduje restart

Maskuje prohlížeč nejběžnějším user-agentem.

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Ebank2 Plugin

K&H e-bank és electra belépés és tranzakció aláírás bővítmény / K&H ebank and electra login and transaction singing extension

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Add Search Engines for SeaMonkey

Add missing search-engine detection to SeaMonkey

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ZoneMinder Client

ZoneMinder Client is a Firefox Extension that provides toolbar buttons and other features to help you when connecting to your ZoneMinder Server.

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Shows previous page on the left side

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Hash Password Generator

Generates different passwords for each website using a choice of multiple algorithms.

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YouTube Videos Download in one click

Download YouTube videos by clicking a button underneath videos in YouTube. Save YouTube videos and songs in 1080p (HD) MP4 or FLV format.

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Display mailing list header

This extension implements RFC 2369 for Thunderbird: Special mailing list header fields in the mail are parsed, and the links are displayed in the extended header view. You can click them to simply go to the archive, request help or unsubscribe.

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Amazing Media Browser

A Multimedia Download Tool

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Youtube Best Video Downloader 2 - MP3 MP4 M4A AAC Nevyžaduje restart

Now with 1080p Full-HD Support!
Direct YouTube downloads MP3 M4A AAC and HD MP4, FLV, 3GP. With just one mouse click! With the click off an mouse button! Super fast downloads right from the Youtube video page you are viewing.

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Hyperactive Nevyžaduje restart

Scans hyperlinks in composed messages and alerts if one of the hyperlinks is broken.

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Gfire WebGame Detection Plugin

This extension tells Xfire and Gfire about the webgame you currently play.

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Subasa Tamil to Sinhala Transliteration

Tamil To Sinhalese Transliteration provide by Subasa Language Service

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Allows including CSS when composing e-mails.

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AutoSave Plus for ScrapBook Plus / XSidebar

AutoSave is an Add-On to the firefox extension ScrapBook Plus by haselnuss and ScrapBook with XSidebar for SeaMonkey. This is a modified version of the original Add-On. Uninstall the original AutoSave before you use this extension.

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