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I am so sad!
This was the greatest available tool for wysiwyg editing of css.

• Display css information
• save css

with these priceless features and the sidebar gone, the addon is almost useless.

Mozilla please find a solution

Chrispederick, sorry for your great job wasted
I am installing an old version of both firefox and wd...

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Thanks Chris for all your efforts. I actually prefer the new UI taking less space and where I can more easily access items without going into submenus, eg Outline-Tables-Table Cells or Forms - Convert method - Post to get, the new version achieves this with fewer clicks.
I understand that all missing features are caused by the change in the Firefox API, but I see some people complaining about features that are still available, eg View CSS.
I mostly regret the former "Disable" menu (Disable cache, referrer, proxy) but the extension is still extremely useful to me and I am grateful for the work done by Chris.

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5 stars for the toolbar Version 1.2.13
The current version ( 2+ ) is useless.
New firefox does not support alot of stuff. That is why most of the developers I know keep an older version running and turn off the upgrades. Why don't you post a link to the older version of the extention in your blog?

UPD: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/web-developer/versions/ here is the link. Took me some effort to find it. Please post it somewhere on your website for everyone to see.

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Thanks for years of happily using your extension! Nothing short of 5 stars for your efforts!
SHAME on Firefox to disable the toolbar functionality in v.57!

I agree with the previous posters, the new UX is far from ideal.
One really annoying side effect seems to be the dependency on browser caching. One of the most used feature of your extension (for myself) is the resizing of the browser window. It seems like now every time I clear the history/cache, the preset sizes are gone!
Any chance this can be fixed?

The way that extensions save data also changed in Firefox 57 and it appears as though the method I switched to (which was based on how the extension worked in Chrome) has this issue with settings getting wiped out when the cache is cleared. I think I have a workaround to this and hope to fix it in the next release.

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I'm sorry but I hate not being able to use a feature efficiently. The brain can only memorize so much, and I just can't memorize icons for every app or plugin. Please--if there is no way to roll back to a menu bar--allow for an optional text menu instead of the random image icons.

I should have rated this a 5 years ago and given you 5 stars. I'm sorry I didn't praise your work when I was so busy using it. This was such an amazing add-on. It was a must for web development--esp. frontend CSS and form building. The current toolbar makes it impossible for me to use productively.

I did not upgrade to 57 because I was worried all of my plugins would break, and yet I'm being restricted by quantum plugins. Why? Is there any way to downgrade this plugin outside of using an old computer profile that I've never updated? I've tried rolling back all the way to 45.9esr, but I still get your new add-on version.

I am so over Firefox. The browser started to suck years ago, but the add-ons (viz., your amazing efforts) kept me begrudgingly loyal. Now they broke my add-ons.

Displaying the tabs with icons and text is something that can be configured in the extension preferences and is actually the default:


Older versions of the extension are available here, but note that they are not supported and will not work in future versions of Firefox:


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Loved the old version, now I can't use the view css, the only feature I really used. So sad...

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Great add-on, if you're using a pre-Quantum Firefox! Thanks for the instructions on how to downgrade FF.

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l'extension ne marche plus avec ma version de firefox.....57.0 64bits

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5 stars for the old version, but only 3 for the latest one because of the ruined UI.
Isn't there any way to get back the old proper toolbar & menus?

Now it looks like some horrible ribbon-clone.
Im guessing its because of Mozillas recent self-lobotomy, and that they have banned toolbars along with every other useful thing?

Ill stick with the older version on FF 52 ESR, until Mozilla gets their shit together.

Yup, the new version of Firefox no longer allows extensions to create toolbars and there is nothing I can do to work around this restriction on my end, sorry.

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¿Por qué eliminaron la opción de borrar caché?

Firefox removed the API that this feature used so I had to remove it from the extension. I am looking into if there are alternative ways to implement the feature and if there are I will add it back in for a future release.

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I downgrade to Firefox 56.0b9 (on Mac) and redownload version 1.2.13 of Web Developer: u know what? I happy now...

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I'm glad to see this got ported to a WebExtension. Mozilla has made life harder for add-on developers.

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(Aside- Not so intuitive that I have to click on the stars to make a comment)

So, the automatic updating I just did of Firefox (circa 2017-11) seems to give me a version of Web Developer that's quite different...

I don't seem to have the right-click content menu anymore.

And even more critically, there doesn't seem to be a "Save Generated Source" feature anymore.

Is that true?

If not, then could someone please tell me how to find it.

And if true, then might I inquire if there are any plans to re-implement this useful feature?


[Update - I see that this new version of Firefox is a complete bomb wrt Web Developer, and that others have noted the disappearance of "Save Generated Source" (+ a lot more). I think the instructions for downloading the old version + extension is very useful. I wish Firefox would provide an automatic roll-back for this sort of stuff. I've actually almost switched to Chrome due to the "downgrade" performance of the Firefox "upgrades". The philosophy seems to fundamentally disregard backwards compatibility - and must be a constant hardship to extension writers

PS- I hate (not a lot, just a little) the new Firefox icon. Change just for change's sake?]

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Thank you so much for working on this extension!

Live was so hard without it, when it wasn't working with FF 57 - I am the only one in my dev team to use FF for website development - everyone else are on Chrome here. I'm using your extension on daily bases since 2009 - such a handy tool! The new version is working like a charm - so snappy quick and colorful. I can't express how happy I am to see it back in my browser! Once again, thank you, thank you, one hundred times thank you!


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The 5 stars is for the developer thank you so much for such an amazing contribution. I love and used this plugin everyday.

Now as for firefox....SHAME ON YOU!!!! Removing the ability for people to have these addons as toolbars was the biggest mistake you could have made. We should have full control over the tools we use and how we want to display them. I dont see why this was changed when it was preferred and used and at the end of the day NO ONE else is forced to have our individual setup. Taking away this features ability to be displayed as a toolbar and easily accessed has actually made me switch to using the GOOGLE CHROMEs browser as I am able to lay my developer toolbar out there as it should be. Start listening to your users please especially the people who use these great addons to make the internet an even greater place. I am so upset you ruined this addon I may even have to abandon the browser all together.

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I do not know how to answer your post!

merci de votre aide
Dommage !
votre module était plus pratique, on avait l’adresse de la feuille de style et les style attachés c'etait simple et efficace...
On fera avec !

Pity !
your module was more convenient, we had the address of the style sheet and the style attached it was simple and effective ...
We will do with!

déçu de cette nlle version, pas de francais, et l'option "voir les css d un élément en particulier" (ou quelque chose de ce genre !) à disparue...

merci tout de même au développeur.
Peut -être dans la prochaine version !?

disappointed with this version, no French, and the option "see the css of a particular element" (or something like that!) to disappeared ...

thank you all the same to the developer.
Maybe in the next version!?

par chrispederick (développeur) le nov. 22, 2017 · lien permanent

Firefox 57 changed the way extension localization works so I need to rewrite that functionality, but I hope to add it back in with the help of translators in a future release.

The ‘Display Style Information’ feature had to be removed as Firefox removed the APIs that it was using. The best replacement for this feature is the CSS inspector built into the browser developer tools:



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Thank you Chris, already it's super nice to have answered, it's rare enough to be mentioned.
I use this extension since it exists, and that's really what you do.
I will wait impatiently for the version with the French translation. Apologies for being impatient. ;)

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I have used this extension for years, daily. Unfortunately the post-Quantum version is a big deception : first it is not a toolbar anymore, and second the possibility to instantly turn off javascript has been removed. I realize this is a Firefox problem and not the developer's fault, but I have lost a great tool :(

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I later read that the fault is from Firefox. So it still remains a 5 stars toolbar for me, so... HEY FIREFOX LET THE TOOLBARS BE TOOLBAR AS BEFORE!!

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I have turned off cache and dns cache using previous version of Web Developer. Now cache is still suppressed, but I have no control to enable it again. Can You help please?

You can downgrade to Firefox 56 and reinstall the 1.2.13 version of Web Developer from here to change any of the old built-in browser settings:


Or you can use about:config to reset the browser.cache.disk.enable, browser.cache.memory.enable and network.dnsCacheExpiration preferences:


Or you can create a new profile, but that will remove all your settings including bookmarks etc: