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After so many years it's still the most important extension I use. Works great to download most videos and I can avoid buffering issues by watching them online or on a non-smart TV

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В целом доволен работой программы Video DownloadHelper

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Unable to directly send download to any certain file. but it is better by far than banging rocks together.

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This new version is so easy to use. Click on the icon, then select the resolution or format you want. Save your favorite videos to review or show your friends without needing an internet connection or using up your bandwidth. View them as often as you wish without having to look them up and download them again.

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Useful add-on which helps downloads where other add-ons fail.

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Video Downloader is a Must-Have!!! I've Been using it for 4-5 years. It's reliable, maybe some minor quirks, but it's always fixed in an update. A friend put me on to the add-on, before I even knew about Firefox. Just taking the time to say I'm grateful for Video DownloadHelper.

Have found no better alternative thus far Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Simple and easy to use. For each tab in your browser, you can see all compatible media files in a drop-down list, allowing you to quickly choose the ones you want to download without having to copy and paste URL's. No complaints!

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Simple use, good speed and good variety of formats supported

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A melhor extensão que existe para baixar vídeos.
Baixa todos os vídeos, de forma rápida e já em mp4.

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use this on the old PC for years - very intuitive with a right click - spent an hour so far trying to get it to woork on this pc - had to download an additional app - don't understand if i am always using this app what is the base downloader doing? it claims to have downloaded file but the folder appears empty and cannot find the files anywhere - compared to the old version which was two minutes to install and then click and worked - this is terrible. About to give up and use something else

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utile, necessaire et regulierement mis a jour
vraiment performant et rarement mis en defaut

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Diese add-on ist sehr hilfreich beim downloaden diverser Videoformate, bin sehr zufrieden.

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Very good and easy app

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Funziona con qualità su quasi tutti i siti.
facile da usare

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Nice Add-on

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i like it

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addon valida, la gestione dei download è efficace

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O Video DowlondHelper é um programa excelente, eu consegui baixar todos os que eu precisava.