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Does not work at all. I'm stuck with the crappy white page and grid box drop down. I've been using '?noj=1' at the end of the URL but that doesn't work anymore either. Guess google doesn't give a crap what users want.

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Installed it, went to Google homepage, still no black bar. I think Google recently "fixed" it so everyone has to use the new interface. I've tried every trick I can find so far and still can't get the black bar back.

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Giving a 3 star ratiing for the product because there was no 'images' button on the black bar up at top and no way to add one. Also, as of December 2, 2013, at 4:00 PM EST, the black bar is broken. Google must have changed something again. It worked well enough to be usable while it lasted. Please update!
In the meantime, the closest I can find is this greasemonkey script:
'"Google Black Bar Returns"
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to it, but it's on and uses greasemonkey.

Also, to a lesser degree, the functionality can be brought back by adding the command "?noj=1" to a url.
will bring back the black bar. Not sure how long it will be until google decides to ruin that for us, too.

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perfect, thanks!