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Helps to make Internet cleaner, but required to be updated.

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Great for hiding some elements that AdBlock can't hide. Now please update to be compatible with the latest Firefox Quantum. Thanks!

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This add-on makes Add Block Plus much more user friendly, by giving you the ability to "point and click" on exactly what it is you want to block. Unfortunately, it is one of the casualties of Mozilla's update to Firefox v57. The work-around I have chosen is to downgrade Firefox back to v52 ESR and disable Firefox from auto-updating. V57 "broke" more than a dozen of my must-have add-ons, and that is unacceptable, so I will be sticking with Version 52 and will not ever update Firefox again. I want a browser that does what I need it to do, the way I want it to, not the way some programmer thinks is what we all need.

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This essential component of adblock plus still works with adblock plus version 2.9.1. You can uninstall the new 3.0 versions of adblock plus, which no longer work with this extension, then go to "version history" - "see all versions" - on the main extension page, and download version 2.9.1 of Adblock plus to make this great extension functional again.

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In Adblock 2.9.1 you could create your own blocking rules, and you can not do that in Adblock 3.0.

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Firefox updates and I lose this addon... it NEVER updates with Firefox

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This add-on used to work wonders, but a month or so ago it stopped hiding things permanently(refreshing the page would undo the hiding), and now it will stop working completely with Firefox 57. I don't even use AdBlock anymore, it's kind of useless without Element Hiding Helper. Please update this extension, it could literally make some people's lives much easier.

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Very useful and working well but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Wladimir update this for Firefox 57!

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I had to downgrade ABP to 2.9.1 to make this work again.
please fix it to work with ABP 3.x .

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Sauf erreur de ma part, cette extension est inutile (et incompatible) avec ABP version 3 car cette dernière intègre la fonction de Element Hiding Helper pour Adblock Plus.

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It'd be great, if the exact same add didn't appear the moment I refresh the page or open a new link in the same domain!

Awesome add-on Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Thanks a lot for your work, man! Works great, didn't have to read about syntax and do everything manually.

revision for Firefox 57 needed ! Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Please make this Addon workable for Firefox 57 which is upcomming in November !

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Works very well in Palemoon (using v1.3.0.1)
Thank you for your addon

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I have to block the same offensive image/text over and over and over and over, every time I go to next page. I could have done that much just by clicking F12 and removing the line by myself! I thought this could BLOCK it for good like it does with ads!

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One of my favorites extensions on computer... but will it be available on Firefox mobile for Android?

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excellent extension for Adblock Plus, simple and easy to use.

Excellent again and again Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Un excellent complément de Adblockplus.

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Downloaden werkt niet .